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Ready4Anything is an e-mail publication with the goal of helping Christians of all ages (but mostly youth) to focus on Jesus and to be ready for anything, anywhere, wherever He leads us.
The title is based on a story told by Keith Daniel (of South Africa) at the Youth Bible School 2002 at Loveland, CO. He said that when he went to a Bible seminary as a young man he asked the school what kind of degree he would get when he was done. They said, "The R.F.A."  He replied, "I've heard of Ph.D and B.A., but what's R.F.A.?" They told him, "Ready For Anything."
This magazine is intended for those who are serious about their walk with God and are willing to do what it takes to follow Him. It comes out (Lord permitting) every second Wednesday.
Right now a snail mail version IS NOT available but you are more than welcome to print out back issues or sign up for the mailing list at ready4anything_2003@yahoo.com.

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