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All Subjects/Levels/Others

Kindergarden Phonetics & English
Primary Chinese, English, Malay, Han Yu Pin Yin, Maths, Science & Tamil
Lower Secondary Chinese 1st Lang, Chinese 2nd Lang, English, Geography, History, Literature, Malay, Maths, Science & Tamil
Upper Secondary A. Maths, E. Maths, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Combined Science, H.S. Biology, Physics, Management, Geography, History, Literature, Chinese 1st Lang, Chinese 2nd Lang, Malay & Tamil
Junior College / Pre U Accounting, AO Chinese, AO Maths, Arts, Biology, C. Maths, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Further Maths, General Paper, Geography, History, Literature, Malay, Management, Physic & Tamil
*Computer Course Ms. Access, Ms. Excel, Ms. Power Point, Ms. Word, Visual Basic & Web Design
*Languages Bahasa Indonesia, French, German, Japanese, Spanish & Thai
*Music Clarinet, Guitar, Keyboard, Organ & Piano
* Fees do not relate to tuition market rates and must be referred to respective tutors or trainers for availabilty and fees.

Personal Attention given to your child

All tuitions or lessons are based on 1 to 1 personal attention. In this way, your child will reap the fullest tuition support he or she needs and time spent will be maximised.

Tuition Fees flexible to your request budget

We have a list of market tuition rates for parents and students to refer to. There is a higher chance for you to get a tutor when your request budget is approximately close to the list rates. Negotiations will be liased through the Coordinator and consensus must be satisfied between both tutors and students.

Ready tutors islandwide to match yr expectations

All our tutors are available islandwide with many backgrounds and experiences with private home tuition. We will do our best to match your expectations with tutors in our list.