REAL ESTATE Apartment Locating
REAL ESTATE   Apartment Locating
Hi my name is Jennifer and I am an apt locator with JRJ Group Enterprises.
I enjoy my job and love helping people because we are all busy at times. I help find apartments and townhomes in the Greater Surrounding Areas of Houston.

All you do is choose the apartments you like, drive by the communitites and I do the rest. I make the calls and gather extra information. In return, just write my name and company on application, and I make sure you are acknowledged for it.

Helping people is #1 Priority so contact me for any information below:
P.O. Box 1517; Houston, TX 77411
eFax: (615) 704-9742
Cell:(713) 320-5951

Time runs short-never too late to call.
Remember Jennifer, Your Apt Locator
Remember I am here to make your move less stressful but more pleasurable with no cost to you!
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