How a 34 year old from NYC and a whizz-kid from
California "swiped" from the super affiliates and
"raided" the gurus without anyone even knowing...
STOP. You do not have to waste your last dollar on useless
optimization software, So-called "must have" e-books, or spend
your precious priceless time wondering whether or not people
really make genuine job-killing money from Internet business,
you must read this letter now...
...I know for a fact that you have been misinformed and misled, force to read
thousands of ebook pages filled with useless information, and this is the same
information that is stopping you from living the life you have always dreamed about.

The information I will give you will blow your mind!!!

It will save you: a few hours a day to spend with your family, and your entire future.
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My Fellow helpless affiliate,
For long enough now, I have been breaking free from the
lies and junk we have
both been fed with on the internet. The lies they will continue to feed you if you do
not get wise up. I have been using the raw information I swiped from industry
renegades to teach "grass roots affiliates" the truth about how money is really
made on the internet.

Believe me friend when I tell you that I have seen the "
make money" industry
from both sides of the fence: the "
try and fail" affiliates, and the six and seven
figure gurus lurking in the dark like a thief, guys who will probably refuse to
talk to me after this release...

Finally, step-by-step methods that the super affiliates use in 2007 - I literally
had to travel the world to see some of the affiliates I encountered; the truth is
that these guys do things different to 99% of the rest. Learn exactly what they
do - with copy-and-paste examples that generate job-killing income for many of
your competitors...

Take from the gurus and borrow from the super affiliates Our goal is to
find campaigns that are currently generating hundreds per day, affiliates making
tens of thousands... clone them and siphon off a chunk of their earnings. I owe
this one to a friend of mine who I encountered in California
(clue: he earns $140,000 per month, and he is largely responsible for the first
of the DJK techniques)...

The secrets they don't teach anywhere else Let me expose a live job-killing
Adwords campaign. Let me explain how a New-Yorker is cleaning up with a
series of cut-throat Adwords techniques that allow him to average 20-30% CTR
on some keywords. Learn why you will want to avoid the Google Editors like
the plague when you use some of my "back-door" techniques. You won't learn
this anywhere else because no-one is teaching it: it's all been taken from the guys
doing it in the field, the ones making thousands in the shadows...

Little need for capital While other guides tell you to start with hundreds, you
can get started with DJK for practically nothing. The funny thing is the guys
making the most tend to invest a little to make a lot. Find out why and ride
their wave all the way to the bank...

Advanced Adwords techniques the ones they would probably try to ban
if they could: find out how a "renegade" Brit has built an 80,000 strong
keyword list, and the clincher? He is profitable on every single keyword.
Learn how to compete with other affiliates and crush them totally every time...

The only affiliate manual that lets you compete with the gurus Not only
will I show you the techniques that the super affiliates use, and not only will
we tear other affiliates apart, but now, for the first time EVER.. you can
compete with the gurus themselves, literally sucking them dry and building a
monstrously profitable list at the same time. Revenge is sweet and it's time for
the affiliates to profit like product vendors. I am serious here...

The biggest revelation to hit affiliate marketing in three years - the first
method inside DJK is quite probably worth a thousand times the cost of the guide
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