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"This Is The Secret To Really Making Big Bucks With The Google Adsense System..."
With all the buzz and hype floating around the internet, many have heard it's possible to make BIG bucks with the Google Adsense system.

While that is true... the truth of the matter is, most people aren't making big bucks. The typical Adsense advertiser makes a whopping $1.00 a day. I don't know about you, but $1.00 a day isn't really much to get excited about.
Today I'd like to focus on a couple strategies that I personally use to make A LOT of money with the Google Adsense system. What's nice about this strategy is it's very easy to repeat, over and over and over again in ANY market... at any time.

So, let's get started, shall we? :-)
For these examples below, I'm going to be using the help of the powerful tool I talked about in the last lesson, called Keyword Elite. If you don't have Keyword Elite, that's ok. Just pay attention to the general principles I teach below. You can manually do this stuff without any software product, it just takes a bit more effort. It's the "idea" that's the powerful point I want to teach, so pay close attention. This will make you more money. That I can "nesarly" promise you.
Money Making Method #1

You may have seen many companies selling, what they call, "high paying Adsense keyword lists". Just go to Google and type that in:,GGLD:2004-21,GGLD:en&q=high+paying+adsense+list
You'll see that there are many websites that are devoted ONLY to displaying these high paying Adsense lists. And quite a few websites actually selling these lists!

Now, the great thing about
Keyword Elite is you can create your own high paying Adsense keyword list, and it's SUPER easy!

Here's what you would do:

First, run project 1, titled "create keyword list". In this example let's build our list off of the keyword "insurance". So, I'll enter the keyword "insurance" into step 2.

Next I'll select the method of finding keywords. Here I'll only select Selecting this option is the fastest way to build a large keyword list.

In step 4, I'll select to return 1000 keywords. Then I'll click "ok"
Note: You'll notice that Keyword Elite looks VERY similar to the layout of SEO Elite, so if you already own SEO Elite, you should be able to easily adapt to using Keyword Elite.
When Keyword Elite is done processing I'll click on the "report view" tab and then the "Edit list tab" located on the bottom left hand side of Keyword Elite.

Next, I'll click on the top keyword in the list... Scroll to the bottom of the list and click the bottom keyword, while holding the SHIFT key on my keyboard. This will select all of the keywords and they will be highlighted as shown below:
You'll notice there are a TON of Advanced editing options to make your keyword list bigger or smaller etc, but for now... we'll ignore all of those options and only be concerned with the steps I'm taking you through, so we can create our high paying Adsense keyword list
Alright, next, I'll "right-click" my mouse and select the option "send keywords to project 2". Project 2 is titled "Analyze PPC competition". When I do that, I'll see the small window shown to the right.
Because we are only concerned about creating a high paying Adsense keyword list, we'll uncheck all of the search engines except Google, from step 3. Under step 4, we'll uncheck everything except for "Top Bids" and lastly, under step 5 we'll check "Google Exact match".
All of the other data in step 4 and 5 is very valuable information, but because we really only want to know how much money people are bidding for these Adwords keywords, we'll only check the "Google Exact Match" option.

Then we'll click "ok" and let
Keyword Elite do its thing...

Next, we'll click the report view tab. We'll scroll to the right until we see the Adwords CPC (exact match) column. This column tells us roughly how much the top paying Adwords advertisers are paying, per click, for each of these keywords.

We'll want to sort this column in descending order, so we can see the highest paying keyword at the top.

The way Adsense works, is the more money that advertisers are paying, per click, for the keyword in Google "Adwords", the MORE money you'll be paid via Adsense, for displaying their ad on your site via Adsense! So... the goal here is to select those keywords from the top of the list, that are costing advertisers the most per click.

Ok, so after we sort the column in descending order, you can see that the keyword "automobile insurance" is the second most expensive keyword on the list. What we can then do is go back into Project 1, "create a keyword list", and do just that... Create our keyword list based off of this 1 high paying keyword.
We'll do just as we did before by using the option, but this time, we'll raise the slider in step 4 up to roughly 2 or 3 thousand.

Click "ok" and
Keyword Elite will create our list of keywords, based on this high paying Adsense keyword we found earlier.

From here, we could either:

Use the 2,000+ keyword list that
Keyword Elite generates, and plug it into some web page generation software to create a few thousand page website for us in a couple of minutes, based on each of those high paying keywords we just found. I'll recommend some good page generator software programs in later lessons... So keep your eyes peeled for that.

Or, you could take the top, say 45 highest paying keywords from the sorted list of keywords you created earlier, and either write 1 article based around each keyword, yourself, OR hire a freelance writer from to write the articles for you.

Once you have your site created, slap some Google Adsense ads up on the website and you're set to start making money with Google Adsense! You'll be surprised to know that some high paying keywords will actually earn you upwards of $5.00+ per click! That money can really add up quickly if you find those high paying keywords.
If you don't have an Adsense account, you can sign up for a free account by clicking on the image to the right.

Money Making Method #2

We kind of covered this option above, but I want to mention it briefly again, incase it slipped by you the first time around. I mentioned that many people online are either creating websites to display high paying Adsense keyword lists OR they're even selling these lists for profit. Now, what you can do with Keyword Elite, is you can create your own high paying keyword list. With these high paying Adsense lists, you can create many niche websites containing content revolving around the high paying keywords...

You can do as these other people are doing and you can actually sell these lists and start up your own little business!


You can create your own "high paying Adsense list website" and attract search engine traffic and visitors by simply displaying these lists on your website for free. Slap some of your own Adsense ads up on your website, and you'll be earning some Adsense income in no time!

Here's an example of a website doing just this:

You'll notice that their adsense ads are blended well into the top of the web page. I found this website by going to Google and entering the words "high paying Adsense Keyword"... This is how they get traffic to their website. Once the traffic is there, someone might click on their Adsense ads, and then they earn commission that way. Brilliant... and something that you can and should be doing!

Those are a couple of the super easy ways of making some extra income, with very little effort involved. Stay tuned for the next lesson, as I dive into some other strategies you can use to make money via the Google Adsense AND Adwords system.

All the best,

Brad Callen
Professional SEO

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