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" Bin Magic is Realistic, Practicle, and Easy to Use".
Sue Perel, Manager, Kurbingui Youth Development, Brisbane, Australia.

"The concept of visualising bins into which unwelcome or unacceptable thoughts
can be placed, is an interesting variant on the visualisations which people use in
managing their thoughts when utilising Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)".
The Honourable Jim McGinty,  MLA Minister for Health, Western Australia.

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Intro Update
Examples of Use
Print Brochure
The Bins
Jacks' Testimony
How to use The Bins
Media Articles 1 2
 A Better Sleep
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Bin Magic

(Dedicated to Jack Trinity who inspired the challenge)

It is very under-rated how we manage our thoughts, and it is well documented
that there are Rational (Head) and Emotional (Heart) thoughts.
There are also many triggers for our thoughts. 

Triggers for our thoughts
Spirit............. Conscience, Backbone, Determination.
Soul.................... Inner You. Secrets, The Child in us.
Head.........Two sides of the head are logical and artistic
Senses........................Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste, Touch.

How to use Bin Magic
We can let unwanted thoughts and/or voices, annoy us, or we can divert them.
If you find yourself being bothered by unwanted thoughts and / or voices,
try pretending you have a bin that you can chuck unwanted thoughts into.
Choose a bin, or a few bins, either from the list, or invent your own bin.
Have fun, and just play with them. Change the names of any bins to suit yourself.
Think positive and avoid negative bins. and remember, they're your bins.

Bins For Attitude
 Some people use their bin to source Attitude, for example, peace, courage,
calm, or wisdom. Instead of throwing things into it they draw from the
Peace Bin or the Courage Bin or the Cruisin' Bin, or the Stay Cool Bin.
Depending on one's emotional needs there can be a bin to focus on.
The possibilities here are endless, they're your bins

A Special Message To Kids and Young Adults.
The 21 Bin is a place to chuck the stuff that you really don't have to worry about while you enjoy your Youth. You might like to call it the 20 bin, or if you're 12 years old you might like to call it the 16 bin. It's your choice and they're your bins, call them what you like. Keep them positive.and avoid negative bins. and remember, they're your bins.

“The concept of visualising bins into which unwelcome or unacceptable thoughts
can be placed, is an interesting variant on the visualisations which people use in
managing their thoughts when utilising Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).”
Jim McGinty,  MLA Minister for Health, Western Australia.

"Bin Magic fits well with Albert Ellis' Rational Emotive Therapy in some ways, and encourages people to take control of their thoughts, and hence their emotional responses to situations that are often based on faulty assumptions on how other people should
relate to them. I have let some of my colleagues in mental health know about Bin Magic".
Jill Scanlan, B.Sc. QUT MNursSt. Flinders. Senior Lecturer, Department of Nursing,
Faculty of Sciences, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia.

"Bin Magic is Cool Stuff ~ I like it”.
David Allen, Author of the international best-selling book,
Getting Things Done, the Art of Stress-Free Productivity (Viking; 2001).

"Bin Magic is similar to the idea of  putting it on the back burner.
It is simple ~ as is most truely useful wisdom".
Tandy Beard ~ M.S.A. ( Master of Social Work, U.S.A.)

" This is a good idea and similar to one we use with the children in counselling,
to help them deal with unwanted thoughts and bad dreams".
Katie Boast ~ B.Sc. Psych.  MAPS.

"Bin Magic has a great deal of merit, and could be of assistance to
people in these troubled times". 
Lenore West, B.Edu. J.P. (Queensland Education)

" I think Bin Magic is very positive, and believe it can be of  value"
Alan O'Day .  Musician

When asked if there was any chance that Bin Magic would create confusion in
a person with schizophrenia, the reply was "to the contrary".
Dr Edwin S. Young. Psychiatrist, M.B.,B.S.,  D.P.M., F.R.A.N.Z.C.P., Brisbane Australia.

"You can put my name to this".
Doctor John Ryan ~ M.B.B.S,.(Qld) F.R.A.C.G.P. M.Sc., Nutrition, (London) D.C.H., (Ireland)
M.R.C.G.P., (UK) F.A.M.A.S.(Acupuncture)

"This is a good idea".
Matt Taylor  Musician (Chain)

“Bin Magic is straight to the point and effective”.
Yeaca Dhargo Family Project, Brisbane.

" Bin Magic is Realistic, Practicle, and Easy to Use".
Sue Perel, Manager, Kurbingui Youth Development, Brisbane, Australia.

"Bin Magic makes good sense to me.  It is very helpful in becoming aware of
dysfunctional thought patterns and offers an effective strategy for
changing them by mentally discarding the damaging thoughts".
Barbara Van der Meulen, Bach. of Social Sciences/Counselling.

"Bin Magic is deadly"
Fred Leone, Youth Worker, North West Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Association

"Bin Magic works for me".
Lindy Morrison, Musician (The Go Betweens)

“A child friendly and unobtrusive way to deal with reality,
and a normal, simple action that does not have to be learnt".
 E.Drew. B.Sc. Psychology.

" It creates a thought process, and with the results it seems to be getting,
it certainly needs further evaluation ".
Bernie Sanft Grad.Cert.Community and Youth Work. Youth Worker Boystown 16 years,, Brisbane, Australia

" This method works for those who can accept it ".
Gestalt Therapist

" Cognitive Behaviour Therapy" is the right language for
some people and "Bin Magic" right for others ".
Computer Systems Engineer.

"It seems like a good idea for those who need it".
Merril ~ Administration Officer Burnie Brae Senior Citizens Centre, Brisbane, Auistralia.

“Anyone can do it, I love it “
Dawn, Mother of a long time sufferer of Schizophrenia.

"The Bin Magic process is a useful strategy"
Aboriginal Elder, North Brisbane.

" This may work for some ".
M.B.,B.S., F.R.A.C.S., FICS., M.Hth.Sc. Grad.Dip.Ed.(Adult&Voc).

 "Bin Magic is inoffensive"
Sergeant (retired) New Zealand Defence Force.

"Your program appears worthwhile".
Assistant Manager ~ Queensland Prison

“Bin Magic is very innovating”.
Soldier, Australian Defence Force Intelligence.

"I've never used bin magic, but it is a really good idea" .
Queensland Rugby League Junior Referee

Bin Magic Update   (April 2008)
Since conceived in 2003, Bin Magic has attracted widespread attention,
and has been featured in newspapers, The Kurbingui Star (10/03 & 2/06),
The Bayside and Northern Star (5/05),  and  The Northside Chronicle (5/08 ),
and in The Schizophrenia Fellowship of Queensland Newsletter (10/06).
The Access Arts Newsletter (9/06). Community Voice (10/06),
and QCAN Bulletin (11/06).
In December 2007 The Lord  Mayor of Brisbane advised I was welcome to
distribute Bin Magic Brochures to all 32 Brisbane Libraries.
A very positive sign has been the approval by all Police Sergeants, who are the
Managers of Police Citizen Youth Clubs, in allowing Bin Magic brochures to
be available through their clubs.
In the inner and northern suburbs in Brisbane, Qld., Australia, I have been given permission to distribute Bin  Magic throughout 20 suburbs at approximately  85 outlets, including All 32 Brisbane Libraries,  Police Citizens Youth Clubs at Sandgate, Zillmere, Arana Hills, and Fortitude Valley, Community Centres at Zillmere, New Farm, Wooloowin, Arana Hills, Red Hill/Paddington, Picabeen  Community Centre Enoggera, Nundah, and Sandgate. Indigenous Associations, North-West Aboriginal &Torres
Straight Islander Community Association, Kurbingui Youth  Development, Kurbingui Star, Nalingu Indigenous Elders Respite Centre, Umpi Korumba Housing, Dundalli Hostels, Senior Citizens Centres, Burnie Brae Seniors Centre Chermside.
Zillmere Senior Citizens Association, Golden Years Senior Citizens Centre Nundah, Sandgate Seniors Citizens Centre, Mental Health Support Groups, The Salvation Army Mental Health Services Stafford Corps, The Schizophrenia Fellowship Association of Queensland, Nundah House, Brook Street Centre, Arts Related, Artrageous, Access Arts, QCAN, Visible Ink Zillmere, and Classy Crafts, Religious Related,  Church of Christ Zillmere, Y-North Windsor (Y.M.C.A, ) Catholic Church AspleyCare, Uniting Church Grapples Thrift Shop, Uniting Church Zillmere. It is also available at eight  Politicians and City Councillors Offices  throughout the abovementioned areas, and from WomenSpace, Brisbane Grief and Bereavement Centre, Aid For The Blind Geebung, Lotus Place, Sandgate Dental Hospital, Aspley Medical Centre and  the Websites.

There have been several surveys conducted, which all showed extremely positive
results. The overall result showed, over 95% of the 52 Organizations etc. approached, approved of the concept, and gave permission to stock bin magic brochures. 

Some statistics of this approval rate included, 100% of Police Citizens Youth Clubs
( 4 of 4 ), 100% of Libraries  ( 6 of 6 ), 100% of Senior Citizens Centres ( 5 of 5 ),
100% of Community Centres ( 9 of 9 ), and 75% of Youth Development Centres,
( 3 of 4 ).
60% of the sufferers of Schizophrenia who have had the concept explained
to them, use bin magic, and 80% approved of it. While this was only a very
small survey, and cannot really be compared to a major survey, it shows a
similar, and in cases better success rate as major surveys namely,

1.Bleuler Burgholzi Study... 53-68%
2. Hueber et al Bonn Studies... 57%
3.Ciompi et Muller Lausanne Investications...53%
4. Tsuang et al Iowa 500....46%
5. Harding et al Vermont....62-68%

Bayside and Northern Star Article 
     (Reproduced courtesy of Bayside and Northern Star, Brisbane, Australia. MAY 4th 2005.) 
     'Bin Magic' aims to help people discard unwanted thoughts. 
         In December 2003 Zillmere resident Alan Smith met Jack, a schizophrenic, and since then, their lives have never been the same. 
 Mr. Smiths encounter with Jack led to the formation of  'Bin Magic', which can help people get rid of their unwanted thoughts. 
I started this (Bin Magic) after I met Jack, and wondered how I could help him,
Mr Smith said.  " I put myself in his position,,, how would I handle schizophrenia? 
With Bin Magic, If you find yourself being bomb-barded by thoughts and / or voices,
try putting an imaginary  bin in your head and give unwanted thoughts the flick. 
In the six months after Bin Magic was established Mr Smith continued to visit
Jack, talking about his different bins and how they helped him in everyday life. 
"Then I started talking to the children in my Zillmere community, who invented new bins," Mr Smith said. "The only rule is, there are no negative bins." Through Bin Magic,
Jack has been able to better control his thoughts, and Mr Smith has been inundated
with enquiries about the concept. It has been a hit with residents in the local area, with many of Mr Smith's neighbours and friends using Bin Magic. 
"Angel, a five year old girl, chucks the thoughts she knows will get her
in trouble with Mum into her 'get away' bin. 
 "Peter, a 50 year old manager, chucks his work-related thoughts into the
delete bin when work is over. 
"Bin Magic gives people the ability to divert. People always say to me,
'it's so simple'. I'm pleased that I have been able to help people - that's why I started it." 
The simplicity of the concept has seen it start to attract more widespread attention. According to Mr Smith, hospitals, politicians, correctional centres, community
centres, doctors and churches have all expressed their support for Bin Magic. 
Mr Smith said he hopes it is only a matter of time before the government starts trials
on Bin Magic's effectiveness. I would like to see the education minister get a
trial going, just to see what happens. I would also like the police and
corrective services minister to conduct trials in jails, and the health minister to
conduct trials with mental health patients," Mr Smith said. 
 Mr Smith - who has been a cleaner, farmer, factory worker, gardener,
public relations assistant, webmaster and artist, to name just a few of his
past occupations - said he was happy with the success of his latest project,
even though he didn't use Bin Magic himself. 
I don't use the bins, but I think a lot about them. I don't think I need them... I meditate instead," he said. There are a wide range of bins to choose from, and people can
create new bins to suit their needs. Examples include chill out, work, soul, private,
later, miracle, love, lesson, courage, recycle, pace, personal and family. 
Mr Smith said there were hundreds of potential bins, and 'anything could apply':
" The possibilities are endless, They're your bins." 
For more information about Bin Magic, visit the website at http://www.oocities.org/binmagic1.htm 

Northside Chronicle Article
(Reproduced courtesy of The Northside Chronicle, Brisbane, Australia. June 11t,h 2008)
Rubbish Thoughts Should Go In Bin
A ZILLMERE man is helping sufferers of mental illness to throw their problems
in the bin. Alan Smith's treatment program, Bin Magic, is available in pamphlet
forms from 90 locations across Brisbane, including council libraries and offices.
Mr Smith said Bin Magic was very simple: it encourages people to have
different "bins" to consign thoughts to. "For example, you can put bad thoughts
in the bad thoughts bin and get rid of them," Mr Smith said.

Mr Smith came up with the idea in 2003 after meeting a schizophrenic man,
Jack Trinity. " I thought about how I would deal with schizophrenia if I had it,
how I would deal with all the voices and mess of thoughts," he said.
But Bin Magic is not just for treating schizophrenia. Several psychological
professionals have voiced approval for Mr Smith's system.
In December 2007, Lord Mayor Campbell Newman gave Mr Smith
permission to distribute Bin Magic pamphlets in council libraries and he is
in talk with Queensland Health about incorporating Bin Magic into
mainstream psychological treatments. A former musician, Mr Smith does
not use he bins himself, but often thinks about them in day to day life.

Examples of Use
Faith is a 21 year old wife of a Police Officer, and mother of three, who invented her
own bin, the " not wanted bin ", and adds, " it is a relief to have discovered bin magic".

Angel is a 5 year old girl who chucks the things she knows will get her in trouble
with Mum in her get away bin.

Paul is a 55 year old who says, " In a way, I have a bin when I discard thoughts,
and we all do. People who don't need bins still sort of use a bin ".

Jack is a 45 year old long time sufferer of schizophrenia, and the person who inspired Bin Magic. Jack says, It's a kind of magic, if thoughts are annoying you you can use the bins to put it out of your mind. Jack adds when he is having a rough day he refers to the bin magic brochure, reading through the list of bins for consolation. Jacks' favourite
bins include, Cruising, Back off, and No-ones talking about me.
Jack doesn't dwell on the bins and adds it's good to know they are there if he needs them. (See Jacks' Testimony and "How Bin Magic came about". for more of Jacks' story)

Joy is an 50 year old Executive who I recently heard reply to a question from one of
her staff, “Can’t do, I’m in the busy bin at the moment”.

Mahalia is a 21 year old receptionist who invented, and uses one bin, the " wait bin ".

Dennis is a 63 year old carpenter who says, " Bin Magic really works, I couldn't get to sleep for want of trying, 'till I put the thought in the dust bin and put the lid on ".
(Dennis invented the "dust bin", and the concept of  putting a lid on a bin).

Peter is a 50 year old Engineer and manager of an automotive workshop who I introduced  Bin Magic to, and was a little surprised to hear that he is using a
Delete Bin, and that every day when he finishes work, all his work associated
thoughts go into his Delete bin. I was surprised that a  person with a
University degree had recognized the Merits of Bin Magic.

Sally is a 51 year old long time sufferer of Schizophrenia who invented, and uses one bin, “the feeling good bin,  and adds, Bin Magic has restored my confidence and self-esteem".

Rhonda is the Manager of a thrift shop and quotes
" I use the bins to discard  bad things ".

Carol-Lee is a 21 year old office worker who invented, and uses the stress bin.
Daniel a 16 year old boy who, years after Carol-Lees' inventing of the Stress Bin re-invented the "stress bin" as his one and only bin.

Mike is a 24 year old mechanic who when told about Bin Magic, his immediate
reply was, I just need the one bin, the chill out bin.

Benny is a 13 year old boy who I recently told about Bin Magic. Within twenty-four
hours he said Bin Magic is great, and that he was using a dump bin and a love bin.
Within seventy-two hours he had told me that his friends in seven Brisbane
high schools were playing with Bin Magic.

Alwyn is a 27 year old Salesman for a large produce firm. When introducing
Bin Magic to him, he immediately approved of the idea and uses three bins,
the Soul Bin, The Flick Bin, and The Recycle Bin.

Melody is an 11 year old girl who heard about Bin Magic from a girl friend
of the same age and says Bin Magic is very popular.

Olive is a 12 year old girl who I recently called to " Are you chucking the
troubles of today in the 21 bin and enjoying your youth, with her reply being,
" I’ll chuck you in the erase bin  if you keep  annoying me ".

Karen is a 40 year old who says "the Peace Theory really works".

Bins For Situations
 We can use the bins  for different situations and  here's a few examples.
You might think of it as sourcing attitude from a certain bin.

For Relationships, you might use bins such as Destiny, Choice, Cool, Courage, Faith, Time Out, Forgive, Hope, Lesson, Positive, Respect, Soul, Space, Yes Dear.

For stuff you are not interested in, you might use bins like, Banishment, Back  off, Bulldust, Chasm, Delete, Don't Need It, Dump, Erase, Go away, History,
Not On, Off, Sin, Time Out, Past, Pause, Wait, Trash.

For stuff that is really cool, you might use bins like Classic, Nice,
U Beaut,  Fab, Great, Heavenly, Unreal.

For stuff that is Personal you might use  bins like Love, Magic, Faith,
Personal, Morals, Private, Keep it to Myself, My.

And for stuff  you know will come back  around  you  might use bins like
Recycled, Later, Boomerang.

If someone is feeling fearful they might use a bin like the Normal, Not Me,
No ones talking about me, Coincidence, This is not happening.

How Bin Magic came about
              I had never given a thought to putting an imaginary bin in ones' head,
until meeting Jack, a long time sufferer of Schizophrenia. I decided to try and
help him with his illness and suggested he put a recycled bin in his head, that
he could channel his thoughts and voices into as a diversionary tactic.
Jack thought this was a good idea and within a few months, Bin Magic was born.

Jacks' Schizophrenia has receded by fifty percent. He is less angry, and feels
more in control of his life. Jacks' wife says that it is wonderful, when she wakes
during the night and finds her husband sound asleep. Jack does use the Peace Method
( see below ) and says that this helps him to get to sleep.  Jacks' need for drugs,
to help his sleep is now no longer, and he is shown an interest in a course in Nursing,
with a special interest in helping sufferers of Schizophrenia. He says he is more Positive. He uses several bins on a regular basis and some of his favourites are, Recycled Bin, Flick Bin, Trash Bin, Banish Bin, and No-Ones Talking About Me Bin.

Jacks Testimony (March 2008)
Since being introduced to Bin Magic in 2003 I have used it on numerous occasions
when I have been bothered by voices and depression, and have got rid of these hindrances, with the help of the Bin Magic procedure, Basically the bad thoughts were replaced with positive bins, which led to positive thinking and attitude in general life. These positive bins give a sense of confidence and protection.
At  times when I do have a rough day, I refer to the bin magic brochure, reading
through the bins for consolation.
I don't dwell on the bins, but it's good to know they are there if I need them.
It's a kind of magic, if thoughts are annoying you, you can use the bins to
put it out of your mind.
Initially my favourite bins were the Recycled, Flick, Trash, Banish, Cruising, and No-Ones talking about me Bins, and I have progressed through several bins, with my favourite bins now being, the Cool, Classic, Courage and Confidence bins, that I see
as symbols of character and bravery, that I feel every man has to have. From time
to time I still refer to bin magic for it's consoling and continuing benefits.
I also use the peace method, which helps me get to sleep, and the need for drugs
to help me sleep is no longer.
I am also aware that other people are sleeping better, with the use of the peace theory.
As a result I have kicked illegal drugs for the past five years, and plus, have stopped smoking cigarettes, for the last seven months. Alcohol is also under control, when
once it was being abused, as myself was, and I am a social drinker only now,
at times going months without having a drink..
My sleep pattern is now in order where once it was totally erratic.
My Schizophrenia has receded by 50%.
I am less angry and feel more in control of my life.
I have explained the bin magic process to other sufferers of Schizophrenia and 
will gladly testify that it has not only helped me, but these others as well.

                                                 Jack Trinity.

Bin Titles
Back Off
Chill Out
Don't Need It
Get Away
Go away
Keep it to Yourself
Need to know
No ones talking about me
Not Me
Not on
Not There
Not Wanted
Nothing to Hide
This is not happening
Time out
U Beaut
Yes Dear 

The Peace Method
When you're trying to get to sleep, and the thoughts won't leave
you alone, there's a magic little five letter word called  "Peace".
Every time a thought pops in your head just say the word peace,
and please persist, for your sake.

There is great value in encouragement. It costs nothing and can
make someones’ day, and don’t forget to encourage yourself,
I’m doing okay, I can getthings done, I’m  allright.

Stay Positive
That’s all there is to it, Stay Positive....... No Negativity.

Laughter is the music of the Soul.
Fake a laugh anytime by using a cackle.

Things will not always go your way, and when this is the case,
there's no use in fighting it. Accept the situation,
and make the best with what you have.

There's much that can be said about this topic. Under-rated is the fact that, as well as making the other person know they are forgiven, we release a burden  from ourself.
And you don’t have to wait till the person is around, you can forgive anyone now.
Forgiving yourself is also helpful. For a while, I had a forgive list, and at the end of
each month I would go through each name on the list and forgive them individually
for anything they had ever done, and this would be said out aloud, as to enforce
the message. I would also ask the person for forgiveness for anything I have ever
done against them, once again saying it out aloud.

Terms of Use
Charitable & non profit associations may copy the brochures for study and trial,
until further notice.

Individuals may print the brochures for personal use until further notice.

Any Company, Organisation, Government, Institution, etc., may produce the
Bin Magic Brochure by Arrangement.

Support by way of donation/sponsor.

Substitute @ for (at) in the above email

Ph Australia ( 07 )  32162628
Ph International  + 617 32162628

Made in Australia by A. Smith ©2003, All Rights Reserved




Bin Magic