De La Salle University-Manila
My real name is Janvier Enero y Saycon, 23 years old, male, living in Paranaque City. I go by my shortened name-Jan. I am just an ordinary man on the block. I am currently a graduating student from Manila finishing my thesis this year. Please pray for me that I'll graduate this year 2006/2007. EWTN
The Hunger Site
I like reading books/magazines/newspapers, watching television, listening to radio programs and surfing the World Wide Web as soon as I finish doing the house chores. If I have more time, I would write poems and even stories.
ABS-CBN Fanatic
TV Patrol @ 20
Kapamilya Jan, Deal or No Deal?
I'm happy to belong in a family--my father, my mother and my 3 young brothers (yes, we are all male, and I'm the eldest). I feel more close to my mother actually. I thank God for the gift of family, and so should you thank Him.  And I also thank Him for the gift of friends.  Some friends I had never seen them again, but I have newer ones to keep.  It will be more than all right for me if I can keep all of them--my family and my old and new friends. Wherever they are right now, they are always in my prayers.