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This is a temporary site  for showing some of the Real English video to potential partners in the soon-to-be-created internet version of Real English. For complete information  about our existing videocassettes, student books, instructor guides and CD-ROMs, please visit our real Real English sites at and

The existing Real English CD-ROMs contain 12 lessons, but digital video has already been completed for more than 30 lessons with 20 more soon to be made. All of the video is strictly organized by grammar structures and functions.

The video is a series of street interviews of people being
completely spontaneous when answering our questions. We interviewed close to a thousand people, and given the huge choice we have in the editing room, we naturally choose people with that extra little something which makes Real English thoroughly entertaining, even for native speakers of English. Read the critical reviews on the many sites which have written objective articles, or better yet, download some of our video right from this site to see what the critics are so excited about. The videos that you can download here are absoultely representative of the entire library of digital Real English.

IMPORTANT: in order to see Real English video from this site, you must first download the basic Real Player version 8 (and only version 8). It is available for free at the bottom of the download area of

The short video you will see here was designed for 56 k modems and 256 k DSL and Cable connections.  Technical quality is not  compromised as is usually the case with internet video. The quality will never be as good as what one sees on our CD-ROMs, but we will not produce for the lowest common denominator.

The longer videos available here will require a good cable or dsl connection. Users with 56 k modems might get tired of waiting, and the result might be choppy.
If the mouth movements you see do not match what you hear, then come back when you have internet access at higher speed. That is all that can be said at the present time!

The nationalities/accents of the people interviewed in Real English? 50% American and 50% the-rest-of-the-world (especially the British, Irish, Scots, with some Welsh, Australians, South Africans, and New Zealanders). The future Real English site could give this choice to the learner: To listen, watch, and learn with
a) nearly the whole English-speaking world of native speakers of English,
b) American only,         or       c) Non-Americans only.

Finally, the videos will of course be followed up with interactive exercises. The existing CD-ROMs contain many examples of possible activities, including those based on voice-recognition. Our future partners in this venture will certainly have some ideas in this realm as well as in many others.
For the first time, true spontaneity and fun are an integral part of the ESL learning experience. See for yourself !
1 - Click Here To Download Michael one short "act" out of 20 in lesson 28, "going to do" - this is a short one - (less than 30 seconds - American)
2 and 3 - Two Scots in one "act" and two Americans in the second, answering the same question involving spelling. This is a small part of lesson 6.

2 - Click Here To Download Liz and Elaine (Scots - 20 seconds)

3 - Click Here To Download Kristin and André (Americans - 22 seconds)

4 - The fourth video available on this site is the longest - 1 minute and 23 seconds, representing part of lesson 20, "How long does it take?". Here you will see the introduction, then an Englishman, then an American. Make sure your cable or DSL connection is working well before trying to download this one!

4 - Click Here To Download Richard and Peter

These Real English videos are free for teachers and students. You can save them to your hard disk: On a PC:
1.  Hold the cursor over the link for the video file that you want to save, and using the right mouse button, click on the link to the target file. A pull-down menu will appear.
2.  From the pull-down menu, select the option for "Save Link As", the select the directory you would like to save the file to and  click on "Save".

On a Macintosh: 1.  Hold the cursor over the link for the file that you want to save and click and hold down the mouse button over the link to the target file. A pull-down menu will appear.
2.  From the pull-down menu, select the option for "Save this link as" and then select the directory you would like to save the file to and  click on "Save".
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