-I-ReFrEsH-I-SiGn G.SpOt-I-ViEw G.SpoT-I-
-I-ShOuTs-I-Mah 411


HeY Der! ThIs Be JeRoMe! WeLlZ HeRez Beez Myz NeW PaYgE heRez iN GeOciTiEs! WeLlZ N e WaYz HoPeS YoOhz LikEs MaH PayGe N' WhEnz YoUz DonEz gO CheCk Outz Mah GueStBoOk! ThAnKs!

WUTS GOING ON......wuts going on<<<<<

Mah CuzIn AlysSa's BiRtHdAy
Mah FrIeNd AlysSa's BiRtHdAy

>>>>>AbOuT MaH PaGe

LasT UpDaTed 1:4:02
ThEme ummm.. iono maybe its just simple
CoLoRz LiTe GrEy, BlAck, n' AnY ShAdE Of BlUE
SoNGs NoNe

At ThE MoMeNt<<<<<

DaTe 1:4:02
TiMe 1:29:AM

WaTcHin A pAiD PrOgRaM On ChAnNel 10
LiStenEn NotHen
MoOd 50%bored n' 50%tired
1st Werd i Can ThiNk Of balloon

>>>>>HyPaHLiNks loL<<<<<

>>Aa PayGes
206pnay -Ruth-
Filipinay87 -Ruth Again-
Jbbpinay -Jackie-
JackiesoWackie -Jackie Again-
Superpnai03 -Jessica-
Babygurl131 -Kelly-
Shoniegurl22 -Lashona-
Azn_bois4ya -Jason-
Kutelilpinoy -Sherwin-
RJ_23 -Rolando-
Crazy4nsyncsjt -Elsie-
Jgirl232 -Jayme-
Babytel -Kristel-
Missfabulys -Alyssa-
Purdee-smn-gyrl -Ashley-
Swt_pnay_luvlee -Elle-
Singlepnay4now -Alrene-
4everayngel -Elanore-
Roxylicious89 -Roxanne-
If I FoRgoT U (I mIgHt HaVe BecAuse Its lIke 2 iN thE MoRnIng) TeLl MeEh!

OtHeR PaYGeS<<
Ruths Geocities Payge -take alot tests- -take a test- not that many there though!

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