Welcome to my domain.
~The Reality Analyst~

To the site of the Reality Analyst.  You are a brave traveler to come this far, but I warn you that continuing your journey may force you to face things weird, odd, bizarre, and Thesaurasized, which isn't even a real word.  Those false pretenders for words will often jump out at you from the screen, but not to fear.  I am an editor, and all that I do is for a Purpose.

Including capital letters. 
And short paragraphs. 
And sentence fragments.

You see, I have a certain, uncanny investment in Truth and Reality, both of which are very frighening things.  Yet, somehow, I feel myself drawn to them.  I understand what things are, and how they work through simple deduction and Logic.  And shall give them to you in this site, often under the guise of Irony and Sarcasm.  Only in the Science section shall you find them truly put out clear to you.

Now, you must understand, I am not a simple person, and no less . . . ah . . . human than any of you.  But I do have a tendency to see things only the (metaphorically) blind can.  You see, I am a writer.  And while sometimes my writing is meant only for humor, et cetera, often it is for something deeper.  I have been both praised and scorned in writing, and I do not know which is the more correct response.

I do know, however, that I am utterly strange.

On last task have I for you before you enter the strange land of the Reality Analyst.  You must read the
Rite of Right

When in this site you have a look, remember to be careful
Of run-away words and unfortuante escapees
That have brought disaster to the world.
Of 'Sues I speak, but many more, more terrible than even this,
I speak of falsities that pretend to be True
And make others believe they are right.
I am religious, this you should know,
Though you'd seldom (if ever) see in in my writings
For it is the truth, and it is Good
And that is all I seek.
Besides, perhaps, the perfect sanity and realization of what is
And what is not.
I do not know everything, but feel free to ask.
And I shall do all any can: I shall do my best.

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