The Real Troopers




Above and Below : Stew and his CEN powered by an os .15cvx hyper. Stew also owns a HPI powered by an os.12 cvxr. Below is his CEN in for repairs.


Above and Below : Fats and his two trucks. The one with the yellow rims is a HPI. He's got street tires on it because thats all its good for. This thing is a rocket powered by an os .15cvx hyper. He has trouble controlling it on the road. The other is his CEN. His CEN runs with a two speed and an os .15cvrx. Both very fast.


Above and Below : I run only HPI's. I've devoted myself to it..Its a HPI NITRO MT with a lot of upgrades.I run a HPI Nitro Star .15ss motor   It was my first car and I still love it. It may not be as stable as the CEN but it jumps awsome. I traded my CEN to Maurice for the aeromarine cat. I always wanted a boat.  See if you can find the HPI in the picture below. Still a lot of good potential to be a competitive truck. I just need to keep my eye on it instead of the rest of the action. This was the last day for this car. I'm either buying a MT racer a rc10gt or going all the way for the mugen 1/8 scale buggy. but wont be able to run the 1/8 scale with these guys so im still debating.

Below: Im famous for killing my HPI. So this never looks good to Stan


Above and Below : Stan and his CEN. He loves this thing more than life. Stan's got a few touring cars this thing and an HPI. I think he's only run his HPI a handfull of times though. He dosent like it. He swears by the CEN and I swear by the HPI. Can you imagine the heated debates due to the conflict of interest. Dosent change our friendship during the week though. His CEN is Powered by a os .15 cvrx. And his HPI I think hes putting his .15cvx hyper in.(to collect dust).

Stan's new 1/8 scale .21 powered buggy. This thing flies. But power means nothing. its the skill of the driver.




Above : Maurice and his Nitro MT. He has sunk a lot of CA$H into this car too. He is running a .12cvrx in it. His CEN has a nitro star.15ss in it. I took a gamble on this motor when we first started racing it was kinda new. It wont die. I was so pleased with it that when we traded and he took the motor with the cen I immediatly ordered another.for my HPI.  


Mario and his CEN. Powered by an original .16 CEN motor and came stock with a two speed tranny.

Seans Duratrax

This is Seans Duratrax. It came with a .17 motor but has been replaced for a .15 cv. This one has both a TWO SPEED FORWARD TRANNY AND SINGLE SPEED REVERSE.