JAF's Excel Stuff
JAF Excel Stuff
  As a Data Analyst at work, I use Excel a LOT. During my time using Excel, I've collected together loads of pieces of paper with various handy formulas, useful bits of macro code, copies of various useful macros as well as various hints and tips to make Excel even easier to use.
  To save me from having to trawl through various saved files and ring binders full of printouts, I've decided to make my life easier and put all my Excel stuff together onto this site.
To make it easier to find stuff on this site - I've broken it down into the following sections:
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Other stuff:

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Whilst I am confident that all Formulas and VBA code on this web site do work, no guarantee as to their effectiveness is intended, implied or guaranteed. Always ensure that you have sufficient backups of all required data before trying anything new.