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In this page are various prestige classes... more things to come!!!

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Prestige Classes:

Berserker                                                                   Skull Legion Mercenary

Blade of Corellon                                                                            Soul Blade

Blood knight of Eryrthnull                                                                 Targeteer

Dark Dancer                                                                           The Battlemage

Dragoon                                                                                 The Bladesinger

Elemental Knight                                                                              The Elven Warrior

Guardian of Avoreen                                                 The Knight of the Silver Tree

Hammer of Moradin                                                               The Spymaster

Master Grapler                                                                                  Timelord

Messianic Avatar                                                             Venturian Immortal

Morde Messenger                                                             Wilderness Scout

Peacekeaper of Rao                                                            Silken Shadow  


  Dungeon Generator                                                                Npc Generator


Carathians                                                                                            Catmen

Hobgoblin Subraces                                                                       Scintsceril


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