*** Real 9-11Truth Real Truthers Real Evidence *** No Bullshit No Egos No Crap No Fans or Groupies Just fellow TRUTHERS seeking the truth about a False Flag Op called Sept 11th 2001 *** 9-11 was an Israeli Operation co-sponsored by PNAC and the Bush administration ****
Welcome to 9-11 Real Truthers Real Evidence.

Ever notice how desperate the other rooms get when a NEW 9-11 Room opens on a chat program?

You will suddenly hear outrageous stories about the room owner being a MASTER HACKER, or some kind of top Secret Govt Agent.

Honestly... these people have been sneaking into the SIMILAC baby food.

When these attacks are laughed off by everyone who can already see the truth...  then suddenly the story changes: and the room owner has destroyed other room owners relationships by emailing cheating PM's and emails to their partners.... ROFL>....  Or maybe they will blame me for forcing me to make them cheat and guiding  their dick into someone else 30,000 miles away. HAHAHAHAHHA

Whatever their serious psychological issues are, be well aware of the rooms that are promoting divisions amongst truthers.

The same ones that are fixated on ADMIN power trips, fixated on keeping their little room a "closed off Zone" to anyone apart from their own little club of circle jerkers.

I just wonder where the accusations will stop?

Maybe next the room owner will be accused of being the Antichrist or a child of SATAN..

***Take careful note of these rooms that bounce people for stupid things and give you no explanation "Why" ? or simply state  because you were seen in Someone elses room...

If you like to belong to the IDIOTS CLUB, go visit their room and find out how an UPROVEN politician like Ron paul can save America. Its like saying the cake is baked before it goes into the oven. Do you trust idiot cooks like this with your next meal?

You will find your experience to our room a very different one.

We wont post the Ron Paul donation page.

We wont tell you how bad the other 9-11 rooms are, we'll let you work it out for yourself.

We dont allow TOS violations or clear disinformation artists the time or energy of our attention.

Liars are shown the door.

Some rooms will keep the info they find for themselves.  So they can "publish a book" or be the main star of a radio show and have lots of adoring fans willing to lie for them about anything.

We dont do that here.
We SHARE with you EVERYTHING we find.

The more people know the truth the better, not the less people know the more control they have.

In this respect ALL REAL TRUTHERS seeking the truth about Sept 11 are welcome to this room time and time again.

Liars are not.
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MALKINs' 9-11 conspiracy tin foil theories
Poster girl for the illegal Iraq invasion
and Fox spin artist who is married to
a well known Zionist, Michelle Malkin emulates the wealthy spoiled Neocon
Republican brat that is paid to lie
about anything she is told to.
Dont believe me?
Consider then her attacks on Rosie
O'Donnell who dared to ask why the wtc 7 building collapsed on the programme she used to co-host : The View.
Then consider that back in Marrch 2002 Malkin was asking the same kind of "conspiracy nut" questions that still today have never been answered.

Gee I wonder how much money it took to "change her mind" and start attacking truthers when she got a job at Fox after writing at the Jewish World Review...
Remember she called 9-11 truth a virus?
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Welcome to the Goy-Pen
Ask you navigate the rooms of chat programs,
be aware that some rooms are an ideal way to fence in peoples ideas and beliefs about certain subjects.  Particularly about 9-11.
Look over there...... at them.. but God Fobid don't look at what I'm doing.  Eric Hufschmidt on his site:
I am the Witness.com has smartly
used the phrase " A Goy-Pen " quite often. He uses this to describe the zionist plan to ensnare the non - Jewish people minds into trivialites and unimportant information to keep the regular average Joe confused and occupied ie: searching for Judy Woods Space weapon or webfairys holographic projector or the divisive debate over the Sept Clues evidence.
Whilst all the time, the real perpetrators doing the pointing are getting away.

Its no surprise to learn that the 9-11 truth movement has been infiltrated by non truthers.
Its also no surprise to learn that Eric Hufschmidt himself warns not to listen or trust ANYONE calling themselves "truthers".
But why would he say that>?
Actually Eric Hufschmidt himself is the brother in law of ADL Chairperson RUPERT (Zionist BlueBlood) MURDOCH. Go figure.

In this same respect there are SOME rooms on paltalk that claim to be the real deal. But are not. These rooms are intent on suppressing the 9-11 information and are devoted to keeping the truth hidden about the WHO WHAT AND WHY of 9-11.

They'd rather take up your time online to talk about USer158 being a hacker and USer987 is having an affair with User 123. Geeez.
Dont forget if these people are signing deals to be on shows and are getting airtime, chances are they have been allowed to, or have made a deal  with someone somewhere and are keeping their sponsor happy as a priority.

Dont let the truth be the victim anymore. Your choice of room is important to keep the free flow of information getting out there.
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It's finally arrived !! the long anticipated Loose Change 3 THE FINAL CUT.  The original Loose Change documentary has undergone significant transformation since the 4 years It was first released.
This new one offers a brilliant overview of the True facts about the Bin Laden myth and the lingering questions that still to
this day remain unanswered.  Made by: Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas and Korey Rowe with Special Guest speakers including Ex CIA man Ray McGovern (pic Below) , Lt Col Shaffer ex US Army,  Ex Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and a host of many other experts and eye witnesses.  For a sneak peak preview of the Promo Trailer ... Click here .....
The movie features the incredible information about the hijackers that were FBI informants. The Hijackers that were trained on US Air Force bases and the Hijackers that simply never existed. Most of them were victims of CIA Identity theft.  It features the many many reports of bombs going off in the towers that day... And finally, it contains hard hitting evidence of official lies and complicity. If you were never a truther BEFORE the Loose Change series.. You will be after it! 
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