What is Socialism?
An outline of socialist theory and practice.Elementary guidlines.

What are the differences between the Socialist Party and other political parties and organisations claiming to be socialist?

With the failure of the Left to capitalise on their "reformist shift" in recent years, even with some positions in the various Houses of Representation,
are there any lessons real revolutionaries might take from this.

If so what are they, and how might they instruct our efforts to bring socialist ideas to the general public?.

The last discussion looked at various strands of Anarchism.

This month we  had an in-depth look at Trotsky.
There is more to do on this one plus we have a Book Fair  in Edinburgh ,
The bookfair is the Wednesday 24th October to the Sunday 28th
to do and a Public Meeting
Don't be shy we do hope to see you,if you have seen these pages let us know.

Wednesdays 25th October,
           and   14th November
28th November

at The Lanthorn Centre,

Dedridge in Livingston

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