This page is for opinions that I have express, collected, or found interesting.  Most of them are related to the position of  being Black in America.  I don't claim to be balanced or unbiased, I believe any one who gives commentary and makes such claims is a liar.

What I am offering is my thoughts and those of others that I find thought provoking, stimulating, or even funny.  I also will be offering the points of view from time-to-time of what I call the Right Wing Crazies.  This is done not out of any sense of fairness, but as a point of caution. 

Your comments are welcomed and if you have something to say Pro or Con please give me Your Opinion.  Email me at reaper1147@yahoo.com , who knows I might include what you have to say on my pages (especially if you get me riled up).




Why Reparations

A logical case for reparations based on everything except slavery. Charles Grimmett



A Guarantee

Early intervention as a way to improve intellectual and academic development Charles Grimmett

Analysis of Empire

This prophetic opus written on New Years Day 2003 gives reason for contemplation. Mumia Abu-Jamal


Do as I say has never been enough, but what is a brother or sister supposed to do? Carl Hurd

To Be A Good AmeriKKKan

I am just a good citizen obeying orders..Where have we heard that one before? Cartier X

Blackonomics -On the Road

A Grand Time With Granville and Other Friends - It is always good to see and be among relatives I have never met before, and itís especially good to bring the message of empowerment and true freedom to our people. James Klingman, Jr.

Blackonomics - Cincy Police

Cincy in Black and White - Mark Twain is often quoted as saying if he knew the world were coming to an end he would move to Cincinnati, because everything happens ten years later there. James Klingman, Jr.



"Don't Call Me N-gga" has been featured by ABC World News at their website abcnews.com and has made some cover stories in several African American newspapers and has been the subject of some magazine interviews and online publications. Zekita Tucker

Enough is Enough

The recent turn of events during the election and the general disregard for common sense has prompted me to examine the road to victim-hood; how we got here and how we get out. Casper Stockham