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Legendary Weapons
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                            Legendary weapons 101
1. Complete the legendary weapons quest
2. Slot your trainer itmes (leave slotted until you are level 55)
3. Save all Dwarf tools and Tablets that are dropped till level 55)
4. Horde all unused Legendarey itsme for your race till level 55.
5. Trade any Legendary weapons for ones for your race, horde.
6. Trade in kin if possible.
     a. If you want to AH them and buy more for your race, ok.
     b. Remember deconstruction for 1 setting is a waste.
7. Use the 4 remaining slots to level items to level 11.
8. Deconstruct the item and save the exerience runes for later.
9. Slotting settings is not advisable but thats your option.
     a. remember you cant stop the trainer from leveling and your only
        option for regaining the setting is at reforge.  So you could slot
        up to level 20 for weapon. But do not reslot then.
DC comic character I drew.
Utopia can seem overwhelming at first.  Many players have a hard time for the first age or two.  I believe you will have a great time if you make the effort to learn how to play well.  Feel free to use any of the information I provide on my pages.  But don't take it as all you need to know, I'm still learning.  I hope you have a great time
playing this wonderful game. 
                 New Player Rules of survival!
Kingdom Expectations:
1. Use the Forum (don't start new threads)
2. Ask for Advice not AID.
3. Download messenger of choice. (MSN ect.)
4. Avoid Foul language, it can get you banned.

Providence Expectations.
1. Be Active
2. Be a team player. (make friends in the kingdom)
3. Do not attack kingdoms that are larger than yours.
4. Notify the King/Queen if you have to go inactive.
5. Participate in the Kingdoms game plan.
6. Always VOTE, even if its for yourself.
7. Try to improve your play, ask for help if needed.
8. Do not attack into kingdoms already at war.
9. Have a good time.
                         Legendary weapons 102
1. Your 55, nice Legendary for 55 ready to slot. (hope it's 2nd age.)
2. Deconstruct trainers, dump all saved runes into it for exp.
3. Think before you level the traits. You can't change it till a reforge.
4. Clear 4 -5 slots (depends on whether you have both 55s ready)
      a. Clear by deonstructing each at level 11.
      b. Get near a relic guy, and near mobs, Dol View works for it.
      c. Slot 4 - 5 level them to 2 repeat.  Use disble if you are still
          working on some 11s.  And work toward clearing the slots.
      d. 1st phase is existing race usable Legendary items. 
      e. Next turn in all Dwarf tools and Tablets for weapons, Repeat
      e. Stop when you are down to less than the slots available.
      f. switch back to leveling to 11.
          Never deonstruct a weapon with runes slotted!
          Never upgrade a rune between reforging. 
                          Legendary weapons 103

1. I got my sweet 2nd age level 59/60, (or 1st age)
2. 2nd age target level 40, (1st level 50)
       a. do not slot runes at this level untill you can use a tier 8.
       b. it does not matter until then.
3. What makes a good weapon. 
       a. ask around, depends on what you want:  attack/defense ect.
4. Tiers cap at 6 for Legendary traits so I think ya want 6 in the
    one you plan to level.
5. Apply points wisely, its forgiving at first but after a point you are     with what ya got. so RULE: Look before you leap.
6. Using my setting creation system from 101, and 102 should put
   you in good shape for haveing awsome equipment.

I'm still learning, I certainlly don't know it all, so heres the best tip
I can give ya. 

Rock on.
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