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I only knew Amanda for a short time but I loved her dearly.

  This is Amanda's story.

Born 4/25/56 in a small German town where she lived til the age of 14. In the last part of April 1969she was walking home from her friends house. They had been planing thier birthday party.Her friend's birthday was on May 2,so they were having a party for both the next weekend. A man pull up beside her and asked if she would help him with a baby in the back of his van , as he was in a wheelchair.She cuold see a wheelchair and hear the sound of a baby crying. So she climbed in the van to help as soon as she was in the van he hit her from behind and tied her up . for the next three weeks he raped and tortured her(the details of witch I will not go into). Lets just say he was a very EVIL man.Finally he dumped her in a ditch douse her body with gas and set her on fire.Then six months after she home and out of the hospital her parents were killed in a car crash.the only close relative in germany was her elderly grandmother who could not take care of her so she came to the stats to live with her aunt. We met as penpals in 1981 wrote back and forth for a few months til we found out we only lived 30 miles from each other.we only had three weeks of time together befor she had to go to Des Moines on business where she was again attacked and killed.    AKD  04/25/56-07/14/82 May you find the peace you were denied in this life

  Amanda was her name
   her heart was full of pain
   she just wanted to love
    and someone to love her
     but that could never be
     her beauty men could not see
    though her face was unmarred
   her body was so badly scared
    no doctor could fix
  an evil man’s awful trick
   she had given up on romance
      when she met a man by chance
      who saw beyond the scars
      to a heart shining like the stars
   with a heart of gold
    he asked her to be his to hold
     finally the love of a true friend
  the painful heart is on the mend
  her  search was now over

Roger E. Bloodgood
Below is a rough translation of my poem to German
Amanda war ihr Name  ihr Herz war von den Schmerz voll  sie wollte gerade lieben  und jemand, zum sie zu lieben  aber das konnte nie sein  ihre Schönheit Männer konnten nicht sehen  obwohl ihr Gesicht unmarred war  ihr Körper wurde so schlecht erschrocken  kein Doktor könnte regeln   schrecklicher Trick eines schlechten Mannes  sie hatte oben auf Romanze gegeben  als sie einen Mann zufällig traf  wer über den Narben hinaus sah  zu einem Herzen, das wie die Sterne glänzt  mit einem Herzen des Goldes  er bat sie, zu sein seiner, zum zu halten  schließlich die Liebe eines zutreffenden Freunds  das schmerzliche Herz ist auf dem Ausbessern  ihre Suche sein jetzt rüber      Roger E. Bloodgood  05/29/03