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If she only knew
        Perhaps this you would never view
      Oh how my madness did grow
   So maybe she did know

    You see it was her humming
    So incessant and mind numbing
     The tone never changing
      My brain it was rearranging

   If she had known to give it a rest
  My knife may not have slipped into her breast
        But no on and on in that monotone
       Into my head it did drone

     So to get her to be silent
       I went and got violent
       Her life I did take
       Oh what a grave mistake

      I sought to hear it no longer
       It is here all that much stronger
       All I wanted was peace and quite
        But now  in my head there is only riot

The Judge has found insanity to be a lie
  He has sentenced me to die
So now I sit in this cell
My very own private hell

   The day is here
    And the time is near
      The humming never to hear

   I have had my last meal
    Soon the needle I will feel
   I hear the Warden coming
     Soon a blessed end to the humming

    As the poison enters my vein
      I hear this her last refrain
As it comes quite clearly to my brain

"Finally hearing her words"

   Come my sweet
    In death we meet
        Come my dear
         Forever you will hear
For  I am in heaven
    You are in hell
Strapped to this table
I try to move but I am unable
She did know all along!
Roger E. Bloodgood
I am not sure where the picture I used for the background came from.