A collection of lesson ideas for advanced classes

Advanced classes can also take advantage of the survey quiz and the vocabulary quiz in the same manner as intermediate level classes.

Follow up activities

Australian students could make a web site containing everyday images from Australia and explain them (In English if itfs an ESL class or Japanese if itfs a LOTE class) to their Japanese email partners. On the home page, under annotated links, there is a good example of this showing and explaining everyday images of Japan that would be interesting to a first time visitor to Japan.


Under annotated links there is a link to Australia without make-up an exhibition of sub cultures in Australia. Japanese students who are studying English could report on the sub-cultures that exist in Japan, with photos and commentary.


Also under annotated links there is a link to A journey to the heart a very moving picture story about a middle aged Aboriginal woman meeting her Japanese blood-relatives. There is so much that can be done with this resource. For example, email partners can look at the pictures and write a story or a dialogue. They can research the history of Aborigines and Japanese in Australia. Students can explore their own personal histories and share with their email partners.