Lady Rebecca VS WolfMan

Lady Rebecca raises her jeweled sword infront of her. Smelling the sweetness of the nearby bushes she attacks in the moonlight!

Wolfman seems to have smelled that, he has his weaponry ready and merely smiles as Rebecca charges in.

ARENA 2.6 (DOS) - (C)1997 by MYSTERY -------------------------------------------------- Hail everyone! This is ARENA and here we go... The Challenger, Lady Rebecca, wielding his sword. Charging in with his spear, welcome with me WolfMan! Screaming his battle-cry, WolfMan charges in. A weak attack by WolfMan gets parried. Heya! Great blow by WolfMan and Lady Rebecca loses six wounds! WolfMan's weak attack is followed by Lady Rebecca brilliantly executing the Dodge-Leap and going into attack mode now! The pressure on WolfMan is increasing right now. Heya! Great blow by Lady Rebecca and WolfMan loses four wounds! Another attack from Lady Rebecca hits WolfMan's spear. Lady Rebecca's weak strike leaves WolfMan's spear free for an attack. Someone in the crowd is yelling "Lady Rebecca, Lady Rebecca, Lady Rebecca!". A good parry by Lady Rebecca leaves WolfMan stumbling and falling back on the defense. What a brilliant attack, and one wounds bring WolfMan closer to his doom! Fantastic attack by Lady Rebecca, but WolfMan sees it coming and dances away. One of the greatest fights I've seen so far, and I have seen a lot! Lady Rebecca executes a brilliant manoever, crashing his sword right through WolfMan's heavy leather vest and blood flows - four wounds! Lady Rebecca attacks, but WolfMan counters with his Wolf Dance! Medium attack meets medium parry. WolfMan is still attacking. You'll need narcotics to calm down the fans, they're really crazy! What a fight! Lady Rebecca jumps away from WolfMan's spear. Looks like Lady Rebecca is somewhat exhausted. The crowd roars as WolfMan executes his Beast Swing and Lady Rebecca loses four wounds! Moving back and surrendering, Lady Rebecca ends the fight! *** The winner is WolfMan!!! *** Sure as hell, the fans are shouting and yelling, this was one hell of a fight! Here's the final status: ------------------------ Winner: WolfMan wounds: 6 (15) fatigue: 14 (45) Loser: Lady Rebecca wounds: 6 (16) fatigue: 15 (39) Total match time: 2 minutes, 20 seconds For the fight tonight, WolfMan receives twelve XPs. This fight earned Lady Rebecca some 18 XPs. And as this was his first fight ever, this includes a +5 XP bonus. That's not just a number, it's actually enough for a skill increase!