Hovestadt Family Japan Adventure

Roland and Rebecca moved from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Fukuoka, Japan on May 15, 2004.  On February 24th, 2007 we moved from Fukuoka to Kobe. We've been in Japan 3 years now.  It's hard to believe.  Lydia and Alexander are growing up faster everyday.

Lydia still loves her little brother very much (at least for now!). 

Rebecca and Roland are still trying very hard to learn Japanese. Rebecca has registered for classes again after the big move. She's trying to get a better grasp of the language.  

We have noticed that our food preferences are taking a more Japanese twist right now.  The once revolting Japanese sweets made of things like red beans, potato, green tea, and rice paste, are now somehow DELICIOUS to us... We have also started being more adventurous with cooking ingredients so our homecooking is also having a more japanese flair these days. 

Our Mailing address is :
Okamoto 6-16-8
Higashi-Nada Ku
Hyogo, Kobe City
658-0072 JAPAN

Please email us: rebecca_sass@hotmail.com

Lydia in her new playhouse
July: Our photos are here again... if you looked in June they were mysteriously lost in cyber space.
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