Rebecca McBrain!

Hey there! Glad you're here! If you like your music
a little raw, a little deep and occasionally unusual
then "WE" are "YOUR" band!

Let me introduce you to
"The Rebecca McBrain Band."

Rebecca McBrain - vocals, lyrics
Nicko McBrain - drums and percussion
Mitch Tanne - guitars
Bob Brennen - bass

"The Rebecca McBrain Band,"
is a combination of powerful rock laced with unique
contemporary stylings. With Rebecca's thoughtful,
heartfelt lyrics, and fresh style, she is a truly moving
performer. Backed up by smashing percussion and
frenetic fret action on both guitar and bass, they have
managed to create a brand new sound of their own.

If you've enjoyed what you've heard here at this site,
then we'd like to offer you the CD to purchase.
We have an eight-song CD we'd like to see distributed
around the world. Here's your chance to help!
You won't be sorry!
Place your order for your CD at the shopping
cart.The cost is eight dollars ($8.00), plus $4.95
shipping and handling.
Tell a friend! Let's get this music out there!
A huge, "Thank you! " to the people of Argentina
for being so supportive and playing our music on your
radio stations. We are very grateful for your support.
And to our friends in Hungary,
Britain and Finland, we also say thanks!
Hope to see you soon!


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