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The Avro Lancaster Bomber
Probably the most famous allied bomber of World War II, the Lancaster had impressive flying characteristics and operational performance.
The Lancaster was the RAF's only heavy bomber capable of carrying the 12,000 pound Tallboy and the 22,000 pound Grand Slam bombs.

The aircraft demonstrated superbly its right to fame with the daring and precise raids on the Ruhr Dams in May 1943, and also the sinking of the German battleship Turpitz in November 1944.

Thousands of Canadian aircrew and other personnel served with the RCAF and RAF's Lancaster squadrons in England; and thousands of Canadians at home worked at Victory Aircraft in Malton (Toronto), Ontario where they produced over 400 Lancaster Mark X's.

In total, more than 7300 Lancasters rolled off the production lines in Britain and Canada.

Only two still fly.
Mynarski Memorial Lancaster
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