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An illustrated book project

The concept:

- the original ‘freak divas’ themselves write a short story, almost written as a pop song (short sentences, catchy and to the point).

- autobiographical, fiction, whatever you feel like, no censorship.

- the story can even have a chorus.

- the illustrated character(s) featured in the story will be based on the look of the ‘freak’ writer.

- it will not have the traditional comic book lay-out of little squares next to each other, the lay-out will fit each story.

- each story will have an opening page with the main character + title and name of the author.

- at the end of the comic book there will be a few pages with a picture and bio of each contributor.

- book size: 17x24cm, full color, how many pages depends on how many people send in stories.

- closing date for all entries is the end of April 2006. (I know there’s not much time left to write, but do understand that my style of illustrating Is very time consuming and I would like to get it published around September/ October 2006.

- this is a non subsidized project, so I can’t pay anybody a fee for their work… trust me: comic books don’t make anybody rich, the only thing we will get is everlasting cartoon stardom.

- each freak/ contributor will receive a free copy of the book if his/ her story gets chosen.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at contributions can be send to same e-mail.

Good luck,