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Stepping Out In London
One night the film-maker Lyndall Hobbs came down to Blitz to do a documentary on us called Stepping Out in London, which went out as a support feautre to the first Aleien movie - appropriate really, as a lot of people thought we looked like aliens.  The crowd that night was a slightly special one, because it had a them of Come as Your Favourite Blonde.  Marilyn was very clever.  He used to be just plain Peter Robinson from Borehamwood, but by the time he had moved to Warren Street he would wear some sort of support to maybe him look like he had a cleavage.  He was the spitting image of Marilyn Monroe, which was perfect the night the cameras were in. Marilyn became a real prima donna when he had a hit single, but he was fairly bad back then too,  wanting to look just right for the cameras. And you had to watch your thing when Marilyn was about.  Nothing serious, but if you turned your back your can of hairspray would be gone.  Ohters came as Jayne Mansfield or just painted their faces white.  I was the Milky Bar Kid.

                                                                                                      Steve Strange - Blitzed