Welcome to the Rebellion Trivia Fed. The trivia federation contains some of the hardest questions you'll ever see, so don't think you can get in without running the gauntlet. So don't join unless you think that you have the guts to.

Headlines (Updated 2/11)

Current Champs

Title/Event: Current Champion: Defeated: Date Won:
World Title "The Sensational Shooter" Shane Montez "The Unpredictable" Kevin Mewes January 21, 2002
Intercontinental Title "The Brazilian Virtuoso" Rooch Gracie Veesh Man January 28, 2002
European Title Kid Tornado Veesh Man January 21, 2002
North American Title Alex Hart --- February 4, 2002
Junior Title "Cold Stone" Lance Ausstin R-Dog January 21, 2002
Light Heavyweight Title Vacant --- ---
TV Title Kryptic Tiger Beatmosh December 3, 2001
Hardcore Title "OffBeat Shenanigan" EX Super G December 3, 2001
Tag Team Titles "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins & "The Brazilian Virtuoso" Rooch Gracie Shot Caller & "Lone Wolf" Bill Davies January 21, 2002
Junior Tag Team Titles Mr. Thursday Night & "The Comeback Kid" Carnage Kryptic EXcellence January 28, 2002
Xtreme Tag Team Titles Viper & IKYAB "Cold Stone" Lance Ausstin & "Kool" Keith Laughlin January 28, 2002
Chat Title Kid Tornado Hollywood Scorpion January 31, 2002
Advanced Royal Rumble 2002 "The Unpredictable" Kevin Mewes "POMF" Montezus Ali January 14, 2002
Junior Royal Rumble 2002 Italian Stallion Crippler 2K2 January 14, 2002
Advanced King Of The Ring 2001 Shot Caller "Dancin' Fool" Danny Jenkins June 25, 2001
Junior King Of The Ring 2001 "Kool" Keith Laughlin "The Icon" Rob Lowe June 25, 2001

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