Matt's Home

Matt's Home

I am a 18 year old who is greatly interested in genealogy and historical information. Also, I like collecting old money from most every country in the world as well as stamps and baseball cards. I have some that are, indeed, autographed by numerous players. My collection of baseball memorabillia also includes baseballs with autographed by players past and present including Yogi Berra and Enos Cabell. The highlight of my collection is a baseball bat that was given to me by the initial owner. My coin collection includes coins from as recent as last year, but as old as the latter portion of the previous century. It also includes a lot of $2 bills and other bills dating back to the time of the Great Depression when money was a precious commodity. Stamps are also another one of my interests and there are many from various parts of the world including Australia and Africa.

"Tears are all silent, yet screaming. I'm a tear in this world trying to be heard."
-Original Author Unknown

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