STAR WARS.COM - Lucasfilm's official Star Wars site.

Yahoo! Clubs

Rebels and Rogues - The virtual meeting place for the group, all are welcome.

Battle Meditation - Place to discuss jedi philosophy.

The Dark Academy - Training facility for dark jedi.

Reaper Squadron - Mercenary group, that uses Z-95s.

The Temple of Darth Vader - A Darth Vader fan site.

Corellia RPG - A Star Wars Role Playing Game.

Member Pages

Lord Agrivaine's Domain - The Web Master and Co-Founder's home page.

The Holocron of Lao-Jon Yung - Home page of the other Co-Founder.

Role Playing

Wizards of the Coast: Star Wars Role Playing Game - Official home page for the RPG.

Star Wars RPG.Net -

The Star Wars RPG Database -

Fan Pages

Obi Wan's Jedi Academy - A good site for help on making costumes and props related to the Star Wars universe.

Parks Sabers - Good site for getting lightsaber props.

RLSAsabers - Another good site for lightsaber props, I own one of their sabers.

Fan Fiction

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