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Aliens, story-wise, was probably lackluster when compared to the more successful stories such as Jurassic Park or Battle Royale. However, it was still a unique story and it had some great moments.

A military team in the far-off future is sent to investigate an incident in an isolated research building on an asteroid. The group is seperated into ranks, from rookie all the way up to the commanders.

The two Commanders seperated the groups as they investigated the problems. Eventually, the Aliens showed themselves and sure enough, people began to get killed.

Another interesting part was the Rookie, Aaron, turning on the group and killing two people in order to help his own survival, but ran into some bad karma.

The Predator showed up. This was just an interesting plot twist I threw in to keep people on their toes. My goal was to set up for a possible sequel, which still might happen. The Predator killed off a lot of people.

In the end, the little rookie who everyone deemed useless, saved the lives of everyone.
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Honourable Mentions

Sharleeka Johnson: The best fighter of the group, Sharleeka served as Second in Command. She was a tough character to grasp, who ended up making a lot of the groupings that happened inside the facility. Ended up dying after a showdown with the Predator

Jared McKinely: The rookie who could never do anything right. Everyone pretty much called him useless the whole time, and that ate at him. In the end, he took it upon himself to save the Commander and distract the Predator long enough for the asteroid to blow, sacrificing himself.

Winston Bishop: A troubled young man who's life was riddled with murder and violence. Eventually learned that he had to put the past aside, and proved himself when he died saving the Commander in the finale.
The Survivors
Stephenie LaGrossa: The sargent who was always tough as nails, keeping people in line and making sure things got done. Didn't have much of a storyline or development, but still was a good character who consistantly made sure things were done right.

Jill Weyland: My favorite character of the story, Jill was a very serious person who constantly clashed with people who seemed light-hearted and didn't focus on the mission. She ended up realizing that there are some things that are more important then following the rules.

Elora Haynes: The commander, in charge of everybody in the mission. Was a veteran on the brink of retirement before running into the disaster. Always kept people on their toes, no matter the situation.
Tobias Lauder: A chef who really never wanted to be in the military. He was nicknamed Sage because of his good cooking. He became in touch with who he really wanted to be in life during the mission.

Luke Csizney: Luke was a tough character to crack, but once I got a grasp on him, he proved to be one of my favorites. He was a joker, never serious about anything and sometimes that annoyed people. But even still, he was great at what he did.

Suzie Wong: Suzie was a lonely Sargent who was demoted for her actions during the game. This made her open up her eyes to what she needed to improve, so instead of looking down on herself, she tried to do better.
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