Battle Royale
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Battle Royale was the first game I ever hosted. It had a great reaction in terms of sign-ups, a full cast of 36 people.

I considered this story to be my "test run" so to speak.

The storyline is this: An evil network kidnaps 36 kids and puts them on an island. They're forced into collars, which will kill them in seven days if they haven't killed each other off by then. This story tracks the reactions of the characters, and how they deal with the situation.

The game featured two cut throat players, Phil and Colin, who wound up turning on each other. Colin proved to be a huge threat in the game to everyone.

In the end, Colin was beaten by Shawn in an explosive 7 person finale. Also making the finale were great characters such as Clint and Eddie.

Battle Royale set the standard for the future of my series. I still feel like it was one of best out of all the games I've hosted thus far.

However, of course, BR2 set a NEW standard.
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Honourable Mentions

#33 Colin: At first began as just a sheep in the herd, but made a move that forced everyone to watch out for him.

#30 Phil: Was the shepard to the largest alliance in the game. Was backstabbed by Colin and eventually killed.

#10 Eddie: The underdog of the pack. He ended up leaving and then killing his friends Jordan and Brendan. He lost because of the injuries he ended up getting in that fight.
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