Battle Royale II
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There is no doubt that Battle Royale is always going to be the signature story of my series. It's just what I'm good at, and it's what brings out the real creative juices.

This time, we saw more interesting characters, and more story development. The host, Rebnik, got involved and brought out some of his own past by revealing that he once played the game. The brother of BRI's runner-up also played in the game by attacking Rebnik.

Battle Royale focused more on the friendship aspect, and whether or not you were really willing to lose your friends for survival. Some characters, like Kelley, refused. Some, like Matt, were more then ready. Others, like Aaron, had to make a choice during the game which eventually led to a split decision.

Alliances were brought out a lot more then in the first season. The Brat Pack and the Bitch Squad fought, with a small threesome called the Trio Trio kinda on both sides.

Eventually, the friendly group of the Brat Pack prevailed when Jordan and Cory hit the final two in an explosive finale, and Cory came away with the victory.

Cory was a great winner, as he played it both safe and manipulative, while still maintaining a very relaxed character who had to fight both sides of his mind: The side that wanted to survive, and the side that wanted to try and escape with his friends.

Also in the finale were Patrick and Kyle, members of the Trio Trio. Aaron, Kelley and Alex R, all unique and different characters. And finally, Valerie, another Brat Packer.
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Honourable Mentions

#18 Jordan, #24 Valerie, #26 Greg: The other members of the Brat Pack with Cory. A friendly group of four who refused to kill each other, but gradually realized that only one person would win. Greg was killed in a huge alliance battle, while Val and Jordan lost in the finale.

#17 Patrick, #16 Kyle, #25 Teresa: The Trio Trio, who switched from one alliance to another and made it all the way to end. Teresa was killed by Matt on the sixth day, while Kyle and Patrick were backstabbed by the Brat Pack.

#20 Matt: Great character who turned from happy-go-lucky into a murderer and lost his sanity. Eventually began to realize he was killing his friends, and would have nobody after the game. The Brat Pack killed him after he escaped their grasp once.

#14 Aaron: Had some plans to escape at first, but gradually began to realize it would be impossible and hid out. Reb found him and talked him into taking control of his fate.

#11 Alex R: Funny character, interesting development, and overall great player. He went from the class clown, to a serious player in the game.
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