Jurassic Park
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Jurassic Park was the first story I did that would put people in a disaster situation and they'd have to get out alive. I was happy with the result, reading it back makes it almost like a book or a movie.

John Hammond, a scientist, opens up an amusement park in which there are real live dinosaurs. But on the pre-opening tour, the power goes off and the creatures escape, causing panic and riot.

The original groups quickly broke up and started to form their own. People began to realize that being alone meant certain death.

Some good memories I recall were model Stephanie and her servant, Tanner, and their great scenes. Tanner in the end opted to attack everybody at the finale, but ended up dying as a result of it. Also the relationship between Destiny and Aaron, and the thoughts by Joelle.

Another huge deal was Jafet when he went one-on-one with the T-Rex, and successfully killed it. Finally, you haven't fully experienced the story until you've read the huge raptor-jeep battle, in which several people bit the dust at once.
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Honourable Mentions

Tanner Armstrong: Gave great confessionals and funny storylines as the servent/photographer of Stephanie. In the end, confessed his love to her, only to be used as a tool to kill everyone else. He gave a great finale, killing two, but ended up biting the dust by the last raptor.

Keiko Kawasaki: She had an original storyline, posing as a doctor. In actuality, she was an assassain trying to kill John Hammond. But Hammond caught onto her, and Keiko ended up running into the T-Rex before she could finish the mission.
The Survivors
Stephanie Haddelsom: The bitch of the island, and still the meanest character I've ever hosted for. Steph ended up asking her servant, Tanner, to do her dirty work in the finale while she sat safe in the helicopter. This move ended up knocking down the final survivors number from 11 to 8.

Danielle Gibson: A semi-psycho woman who stalked her boyfriend to Jurassic Park, but realized he didn't show up. Ended realizing that you can't make somebody love you.

Joelle Dicker: The innocent model who constantly clashed with Stephanie because of the similar occupation. Joelle lost her photographer, Teddy, who protected her from a dinosaur attack. She was the most realistic character, I believe, an reacted much like anyone else would.

Destiny Davenport: Came into the game with her boyfriend, Aaron, who was played by another person. They had a great storyline, leaving each other and reuniting. In the end, Aaron died by saving Destiny.
Mary Kay Hodges: Like Joelle, was an innocent realistic character who reacted to the incident like any normal person would: question exactly why it all was happening.

Anthony Van Riet: A brave young student who risked his life to turn the power on, and turn the tides of the story. He was one of my favorites of all the characters, because of the way his character grew.

Dr. Jacinta Sturrows: Another unique character. Jacinta posed as a scientist in order to sneak in and protest the whole amusement park, as she was against bringing back an exstinct race. Turns out she was right, since everything went wrong and she was almost killed.

Jafet Andersen: Friend of John Hammond. At first was lackluster until he went crazy and decided he was sick of the whole episode. Ran into a T-Rex and in the biggest upset in series history, killed it with just a pistol.
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