Resident Evil
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Resident Evil was like the city version of Jurassic Park, with everyone moving around a map and trying to avoid the monsters.

The dreaded T-Virus escaped the confines of a laboratory and all of downtown Kano is infected by this disease which created flesh-eating zombies. Of the people in the downtown area, the story focuses on 29 of the characters who are simply trying to fight for survival. Along the way, the power goes out and they act to turn it on.

Some great scenes to look up include Ivana, Kijoyi, and Tomiko being turned into zombies and slain.

Some great characters were brought out, the most activity I've ever had. We had a blind man, a teenager, a secret agent, a gay couple, a hateful therapist and tons more!

In the end, seven characters made it out of Kano alive after the power was turned on.
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Honourable Mentions:

Namiko: Great storyline, played the villain-turned-good-guy. Namiko was a scietist involved in the making of the T-Virus. Tricia eventually attacked her and left her to die.

Charlie: A therapist who hated everybody. He was a great character, even though Nick (the player) doesn't agree.

Melissa: The resident psycho in the cast. She escaped being transferred to a new mental ward, and got caught up in the disaster. Ended up going even more crazy, killing three people.
The Survivors
Jennifer: A journalist who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Made quick friends with Jeremy, who ended up being bitten and then blown up in an zombie attack.

Tricia: A guitar player who lost her band in the accident, and with it her entire career. She experiences a lot of emotions, seeing the people she comes close to die, and then going through a moment of vengenence when she leaves Namiko for dead.

Rachel: Came in during Day 1 as a member of the special STARS team with Flip, on a mission to stop the virus and protect the people. When they couldn't stop the virus, they focuses on the survivors. Flip died in the middle of the story, though Rachel lasted the whole way with the help of the friends she mdae.
James: A father who was simply driving home when he was stopped and forced to go into the theatre, his least favorite place in the world. James had a lot of depth and a great deal of memories which helped him grow as a person through the experience.

Jay: A high school student who is forced to grow up in a startling situation. Though he starts out immature and unsure of things, he grows into a capable man who realizes his life ambition: To become like Rachel and be a STARS officer.

John and Pluto: John had to overcome the biggest adversity; being a blind man. He was dragged for the most part by Pluto and Charlie, but eventually came to his senses that he didn't need to have his sight to help people.
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