Winner's Circle
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Winning my games requires strategy and luck, not creativity. But the victory isn't as sweet unless you've worked hard to make the character worth the win. I'm happy to say everybody listed here humbly deserves their spot here in my winner's circle.
The following people have survived TWO of my games, and are argueably some of the best.

-Colin/Strawberrymonroe as Joelle Dicker (Jurassic Park) and Elora Haynes (Aliens)

-Kyle/superkyle as Mary Kay Hodges (Jurassic Park) and Jill Weyland (Aliens)

-Nick/Reality TV Sims as Danielle Gibson (Jurassic Park) and Heath Devereaux (Camp 66)

-Teresa/pagonglover as Suzie Wong (Aliens) and John Simmons (Resident Evil)
These players have all survived ONE of my games.

-Alex/Aljenk11 as Destiny Davenport (Jurassic Park)

-Alex/HappyZappery as Jacinta Sturrows (Jurassic Park)

-Ashley/Ashley Neleh as Jennifer Ruthford (Resident Evil)

-Brendan/Jacare15 as Stephenie LaGrossa (Aliens)

-D/lilchavos2213 as Luke Csiziney (Aliens)

-Erin/fireballinsky as Lupita Ramos (Camp 66)

-Greg/Bloedroodroze as Anthony Von Riet (Jurassic Park)

-Jafet/Jafet as Jafet Andersen (Jurassic Park)

-Jordan/chillfact0r7 as Rachel Hawk (Resident Evil)

-Justin/Justin08 as Jay Marsh (Resident Evil)

-Keiko/Kiki Keeks as Keiko Kawasaki (Camp 66)

-Mitch/LaPoo as Stephanie Haddelsom (Jurassic Park)

-Neil/extra tasty as Tricia Fredericks (Resident Evil)

-Patrick/rolandofthewhite as Tobias 'Sage' Lauder (Aliens)

-Tom/Tom2433 as James MacPhearson (Resident Evil)
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Battle Royale is the most difficult of my games to win, because their is only ONE winner and so many different strategies coming together. These players have survived the horrors of that game.

-Shawn/Nobodysnobody from Battle Royale I

-Cory/Cory The Spoiler Slayer from Battle Royale II
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