Military Service
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I joined the Air Force's ROTC at Penn State University. I p articipated with Stephie was a fellow cadet.  <br>
After a year in Penn State's intense classes, I decided to enlist in the Army for a greater sense of discipline.
Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
Advanced Individual Training at Fort Gordon, Georgia at the U.S. Army Signal School.
With Charlie Company of the 29th Signal Battalion.

I earned these awards:
29th Signal Corps Coin
Fort Lewis I Corps Coin
Certificate of Achievemet for outstanding achievement during Cascade Thrust '97
Certificate of Achievement for exceptional achievement while providing outstanding communication service and support to the 80th Ordnance Battalion during cascade thrust 97' and the Joint Readiness Training Center Rotation 98-02
Certificate of Achievement for outstanding support and exceptional performance while representing the United States Army Signal Regiment during the 1998 ROTC Summer Basic Camp
Certificate of Achievement for meritorious performance while serving with 2nd Regiment, 1999 ROTC advanced camp
PFC Thomas
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