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Reclaiming the Sacred Vision.


Proposed MFA Exhibition, December 2001

Texas Woman's University

Denton, Texas

Proposed Pieces for Reclamation Marks

Hearth Mosaic

Prospectus for MFA Exhibition


Spring 2000 Artist's Statement

Written for Texas Woman's University Visual Arts MFA Twelve-Hour Review.

As a postmodern artist, I believe an artist has a cultural responsibility that goes beyond the Modernist's obsession with categorical individualism. In keeping with this postmodern philosophy, an artist must balance the individual's creative drive with the cultural need for beauty as spiritual nourishment. As an artist, I have attempted to pursue this goal through my paintings as philosophical statements.

Since coming to TWU, my work has concentrated on several factors:


1. The compositional problems of the triangular format. The choice of this shape was greatly influenced by the symbolism the triangle has represented for thousands of years.


2. A development of iconography derived from artistic, scientific, philosophical and social developments of the 20th century, coupled with influences from previous centuries of Western and Non-Western art, and


3. The liberation of my paintings from the limiting domain of the wall.

In future semesters, I will seek to stretch these ideas further. In addition to the triangular format, I plan to study and develop other symbolic shapes, such as the pentagon or oval, as possible formats to be interrelated with the triangle. I will also continue to investigate new ideas and designs for freestanding paintings and installations made possible by the shape of the panels. By pushing a fuller development of my iconography and painting skills, my goal is to create a body of work that can successfully express my ecofeminist philosophy. (Ecofeminism is an egalitarian, environmental philosophy that acknowledges that all living beings are interconnected and have intrinsic value. Domination of one being over another is contradictory to the pursuit of sustainability.)

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May 14, 2000