Orbs are falling from the sky...

:: 2002 ::

Friday, March 8
and I can't fight this feelin' anymooooooore, I've forgotten what I've started fightin' fooooor. We haven't had the time to chop. Chop. Or char. Peer from behind the charred log, with weight, waiting. Masked by 12 elves, but not keebler. Ones that haven't been famed. The ones below. Millions, on missions, streamlined to fight, yet bulbous to grow. Sharing the feast of kindling. Oh yeah, reclimb is still inactive... still under investigation. Approval pending still from the last update. Board of directors. When is lunch?

Wednesday, February 20
Reclimb recorded some songs a couple of weekends ago. After some magical juice and magical tacos, we created something that most people might be given a strange look for doing. The tacos soon took their tole and residents of cambridge university flew in to take over. Steak was heard on a couple songs... what a welcome change. You will never hear these songs. They will make it to the Unmarked Grave after intensive evaluation by our board of reclimb execs. They rigorously pick apart the songs looking for the correct amounts of each elements. I guess I might list the songs sometime, as soon as management approves. bye

Wednesday, February 6
I've been updating this page... I'm sorry. I know noone visits, but I look at it as an archive. Like the bloody bodies... archived. No, its not just me, it is the countless left in space. And sapped like the trees. We can check. But it won't do any good. Still, its a lot more dangerous than xmas. I need more pictures to put up. Check our recline for pics... that is if you want pics. But you really don't. Believe me, you really really don't. Haven't they been archived? Sharing trees.

:: 2001 ::

Nov. 29, 2001
Reclimb has not really been doing anything, but should we be doing anything anyway? Is it safe?