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Patients Comments

Dr. Burres, MicroLaser and Treating Pain:

“I thought I would be out of work for months... nope, I am back to work in a month. Thanks Dr Burres, a miracle”, M. Seeley, Barstow, CA, Lumbar MicroLaser Discectomy, work comp.

“I could not work, hunt, play with that horrible pain between my shoulders. Now it is gone and I did not need that huge chest operation. Use my name for an endorsement, please” Gary Town, 42 yo Missouri (Thoracic MicroLaser)

“I am back to work and work hard and don’t hurt. The leg pain is gone and my back is strong. Use my name for referrals, please. MicroLaser worked for me”, R. Heaps, 28 yo, Glendora, CA (Lumbar MicroLaser)

"Have them call me if a patient needs to know about MicroLaser Discectomy. I suffered for 10 years and had given up all activities to keep the pain down. Now, I am back on horse, swimming, jogging", K. Burleson, Temecula, CA 

"Is it cancer? 

"Is it cancer? To answer this question, I wanted a healthcare professional who was interested in finding root causes rather than treating symptoms. Dr. William Timmins, program director of BioHealth and a pioneer in natural medicine, is this professional. In July 2000, a routine mammogram indicated a suspicious lump. I decided not to pursue the traditional route of conventional medicine. Instead, I wanted a healthcare professional that believed in boosting my immune system and enhancing my body's ability to heal itself."
Sheryl Shannep, Poway, CA

About Dr. Loftus, A Female Plastic Surgeon

Words cannot explain how happy I am with everything Dr. Loftus has done for me. I have been treated like and individual and Dr. Loftus has listened to me and explained to me the process I was having done. The time I wait to see Dr. Loftus has never been long, and when it is my turn Dr. Loftus gives me her full attention and time. Dr. Loftus cares and it shows in her work and attitude towards me. She is the best! I can't believe that someone so famous is also such a genuinely nice person!

T.B., a 42 year-old teacher who had eyelid surgery 

Dear Dr. Christenbury:

The staff and facility are awesome. Everyone was so kind and I felt well taken care of. Everyone answered all my questions very patiently. I am an analyst for a living so I can ask a lot of questions. Dr. Christenbury was very reassuring during the surgery by talking to me calmly and telling me I was doing great.

The day after surgery, my vision was 20/40 in my left eye and 20/30 in my right eye. A few weeks later it was 20/30 in both eyes. Today, six months later, my vision is 20/20 in both eyes for distance and close up. I wake up in the middle of the night and can see what time it is without having to feel around for my glasses. If I fall asleep while watching TV or reading I don't have to "peel" the dry contacts off my eyes. No more protein build up on my lenses and itchy eyes. I can see the highest leaf on top of the highest tree and the tiniest ant down on the ground. This is totally awesome! 

When I received my eye exam reminder in the mail from another provider, it was so great to be able to tear it up. 

I think Dr. Christenbury has the greatest job in the world...giving people like me their eyesight back. I would go through the procedure again in a heartbeat. I just hate that I waited so long to have it done. 
Thanks again Dr. Christenbury.

Kim Williams 

Dear Dr. Greenberg: 

I was diagnosed with plantar fascitis by my podiatrist a while back. I tried the methods he prescribed, but with no relief. I was in constant pain. During my visit with Dr. Greenberg, I told him about my plantar fascitis and how I was not able to walk for a long distance or time. Dr. Greenberg asked if I would like to try Prolotherapy, which is getting injections to the damaged heel with a high concentrate of dextrose. I took Dr. Greenberg's advice and had the prolotherapy injections on two of my visits. The last injection worked the best. I can truly say that I do not have the pain and discomfort I was having for months. It really worked for me. I can walk without pain. Sometimes I forget about the pain I was having in the past. Thank you Dr. Greenberg, 
Janice Clark

Lowry Ophthalmology

I just wanted to take this time to thank you and your staff for the wonderful job you did with my Lasik surgery. It was a very easy and positive experience for me. I called and the next week I had an examination and two days later had the procedure. The following day I drove to work and after being examined realized I had gone from 20/600 vision to 20/15! 

It was great to be able to see without glasses or contacts for the first time in 24 years. I have already recommended you to a couple of friends. I hope you and your staff have a great holiday. Thanks again!! 

Berry Oliver

Dr. Marek W. Piekos: Infertility

I've graduated from basic baby school with 3 babies to bless us -- I guess things worked way too well. Dr. Piekos and his staff is friendly, helpful and informative. It was amazing to see those babies develop through the first trimester. I was always a science nut, but this tops it off. We will never forget all of you.
Allycn, Brad & Baby 1, 2 & 3

Dr. Keenan and Fertility:

Dr. Keenan - For eight years we have gone to my grandmother's to celebrate Christmas with my family and all the nieces and nephews, and every year I have cried on the way home and always said, maybe next year we will have a child. I know I will cry on the way home, but it will feel wonderful to be crying tears of joy and thankfulness. Just because I have a child now, I haven't forgotten your patience. I want everyone to experience this wonderful feeling. Thank you again for our special gift. 

S.M., Farragut, Tennessee



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