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  Welcome to Recovery Central,
  the site for online recovery
  resources worldwide.
  On these pages you will find
  links to recovery sites, online
  meetings and information to
  help you find recovery
  resources on the net and
  in your own community.
  The purpose of this site
  is to provide help and support
  to those already in recovery
  and those seeking  recovery
  from drugs and alcohol .
  If you have anything recovery
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This site is not affiliated with or endorsed
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Narcotics Anonymous.
The links below will direct you to online AA and NA real time chat and meetings, and a forum (message boards) and chat room for Recovery Central Support.
On the links page, you can find the
World Services sites for Alcoholics
and Narcotics Anonymous.
The Online Intergroup of AA
can also be found here, with links to many more recovery sites and online meetings. A link has been provided to online AA Speaker tapes which are available to download.
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