Radioactive Recycle takes all of your no longer usable nuclear waste, and recycles it-putting it to better uses, such as nuclear warheads, atomic powered space shuttles, and designing new household cleaning products. The current location of our facility cannot be disclosed at this time for safety purposes. However, plans are under way now for a secondary facility on the moon. This puts communities in the surrounding area in a less hazardous environment. We hope to have this project in development by 2003. Please keep posted for further notice on this and other upcoming announcements.

December 06, 2001- Plans for a recycling facility on the moon seem to be far into the future, but a recent meeting at the National Board for Recycling Bio/Nuclear Hazardous Waste(NBRBNH) held last week on November 30, 2001 in Los Angeles, CA, USA, a proposal for a new facility to be built on a satellite station. The estimated cost will be $23.5 billion and will come out of our nation's reserve tax fund. This was great news to the employees of Radioactive Recycle, as we are scheduled to play a major role in its facilitating the average citizens' use of this type of recycling. We encourage you to ask questions, or give your comments by clicking the link below to give your input. Keep our planet clean and safe from radioactive contaminants. Recycle Radioactive.

March 21, 2002- Finally, our company is making progress. Construction of our satellite facility has not yet begun, but the architectural plans are completed and are being reveiwed by the U.S. government. If approved, our new recycling facility will be owned and operated by the United States, unless funding will be provided by private corporations and/or donators.

If you would like to contribute towards our cause, and help save the future from radioactive contaminants, you may E-mail us at: recycleradioactive@yahoo.com

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