Before you buy, check out General Motors * GM * Oldsmobile * Alero Complaints and recalls.


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Before you buy, check out General Motors * GM * Oldsmobile * Alero Complaints and recalls.

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  • General Motors is fully aware of all the problems with the poor factory workmanship and materials they used to build the Alero. They had so many complaints and people began to avoid buying them like the plague--which is why they shut down the Oldsmobile line. If you think that GM put any money into their manufacturing process to correct the 2003 and 2004 models--You had better think again.

    If you are thinking about buying a used Alero that the 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty has or is about to run out--You had better think again. The reason people are dumping them is because of all the problems people are having with these factory defective automobiles.

    Yes, they look good but the truth is in the manufacturing process--they just don't hold up. An Alero will fall apart on you if you keep it in a garage and never drive it. Alerosa just simply fall apart at or near the 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words-- Look at my 2002 Alero where the dash and three door pads came unglued and buckled just a few days after I got home from a long vacation trip where it turned 37,000 miles. The dealer has refused to repair or replace it. GM has refused to repair or replace it. Generel Motors GM Oldsmobile's final answer to my complaint about my 2002 Alero's dash and door pads coming unglued and buckled was to tell me never to contact them again about the dash pad (dashboard0 and three door pads (door panel) coming unglued and buckled.

    Read what others who have owned GM Oldsmobile Olds Alero's are saying about the poor factory workmanship and the quality of how they are built.

  • Alero, A low resale value. It's a real lemon.

  • Noticed today (8/23/2003) that my dashboard LEATHER covering is BUBBLING Most problems with my Alero have been cosmetic, DISENCHANTED OLDS Alero owners need to bombard GM/BBB with their complaints.

  • Unglued and buckled dash pad (dashboard) and door pads (door panel) on 2000 Alero with only 37,000 miles and less than two years old both the dealer and GM has refused to fix.

  • Unglued and wavy dash pad on 2000 Alero with only 30,000 miles and just turned 3 years and both dealer and GM refused to fix.

  • Alero Wavy door panels (again) Alero Wavy door panels (again)

  • Alero with Warped dash

  • Alero, Great car but the dash pad pulled away above the venter part. . Lots of GM cars do that. Typical GM quality....

  • I have had many problems with my Alero. I have set up a website to try and get others having the same problems to join be in taking action against the makers of these defective cars. The web address is

  • Most problems with my Alero have been cosmetic, it still runs great however, it is only 3 years old and starting to look very worn, even when I take immaculate care of my vehicle. Very disappointing. Strong engine, but poor wear and tear.

  • Alero, Nice to look at, but don't buy one!!! Not long after purchase of Alero, the leather started to curl away from the bottoms of all 4 windows, had to have that fixed, only to have it start all over again.

  • Every time it rains the front and back seats are wet. My current problem now is that my Alero won't start when it's raining, and the coolant light keeps coming up.

  • Alero has Too many problems. Cheap construction. Lemon-cheap seat construction, falling apart and very uncomfortable.

  • Alero has somewhat compact interior, wind noise, cheap plastic feel on controls.

  • Rubber sealing around the windshield is coming off. Don't buy it. Oldsmobile Alero is the WORST car I have ever owned! I wish I could still file a complaint for "the lemon" law, but I have dealt with it this long and since it's a lease I turn it in next month.

  • Not worth buying. The overhead light inside the car just fell off one day when I tried to turn it on. The dealer actually broke one of the air vents when they were working on something else one day.

  • And this is why I'm unloading the Alero. It was fine, up until recently. It's one problem as another! and I just can't take it anymore.

  • Do yourself a favor and avoid Alero and GM at all costs. To buy it is to regret it.

  • 5th Sep 2003, Our Alero is a major LEMON!!

  • A low resale value lemon. The 36 month residual value of the car is only 30%, so don't buy unless you want to keep forever.

  • Not a good choice. It seems to always have a problem and it is no longer under warranty so it will probably get really expensive.

  • Do not buy an Alero! It may look nice and sporty, but it is a piece of junk. I'd honestly rather walk from place to place than ever have to drive this car again. I traded it in after having it for 2.5 years and the trade-in value was horrible. I'm just glad to be rid of it.

  • Alero, A Total Waste of Money!

  • The many problems in this car make buying an Alero --just not worth it.

  • And this is why I'm unloading the Alero.Decent car, but I don't know if I would recommend it.

  • Cannot wait until my lease is up and it is time to turn the Alero in.

  • Alero, Nice car with many annoyances.

  • We bought this Alero brand new in January 2002.

  • Alero, Slick car, multiple problems!!

  • Overall the Alero had poor performance in several areas.

  • Alero, Not very reliable.

  • Alero, a nice looking car with hidden problems.

  • I wouldn't recommend this car to a friend. We are very disappointed in this car. It looks great and drives like a sports car, but, it's not worth it.

  • Alero, Powerful car with ongoing problems.

  • Good car with some problems, but terrible customer service.

  • The Alero is nice looking, but such a piece of crap.

  • Won't buy GM cars anymore. It's too bad this car has this many problems considering the car has a nice shape and handles well.

  • Alero is a concert of defects in a nice looking car.

  • Aleros should be recalled!

  • These Aleros have a lot of problems and are not safe.

  • A good looking pile of junk. Do not buy a new Alero. They may look good, but they're not so great when you own one. Look, but don't touch.

  • Alero seems to always have a problem and it is no longer under warranty so it will probably get really expensive.

  • Do not buy a car by General Motors under any circumstance. Not worth the trouble at any price. Rear window on driver's side leaks when it rains, causing a puddle on the floor. GM refuses to cover the repairs.

  • Cannot wait until my lease is up and it is time to turn the Alero in. Cannot wait until my lease is up and it is time to turn the car in.

  • I do not trust an Alero and would not recommend it to my worst enemy. I think this Alero is definitely a lemon... Stinks. The worst as far as reliability, safety or trust. Oldsmobile should have gone Chapter 11 when they had the chance!

  • Olds Dealer and products are a BIG disappointment. This is my first and last experience with an Oldsmobile.

  • Dealer service has been terrible and Oldsmobile has been even worst. Don't buy one. Engine drives smooth, but rest of car is a problem.

  • Piece of JUNK I will NEVER buy another GM product again! Car is NOT reliable- sometimes will not start- GM/Olds dealer answer to that "huh, we just don't know- you got something funky going on there- but it has us stumped-good luck" Drivers seat has small hole starting to wear through fabric. All I have to say is if you are thinking about buying one RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!

  • Avoid the Alero, Just another GM money trap...AVOID!!! folks. TRUST ME.

  • Alero- They should be recalled!

  • I would not recommend an Alero to anyone!!

  • Alero, Nice-Looking, Sporty, But GUTLESS.

  • Alero just Doesn't measure up...

  • The Alero Doesn't hold value in long run.

  • BUY FROM ANOTHER Manufacturer.

  • Why Oldsmobile Failed.

  • For me, I've purchased my LAST GM new car.

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  • I would not recommend Alero to anyone!!

  • But it's safe to say we've heard the last of Alero.

  • Farewell to the Alero