Dracolinon Mountain


Dracolinon Mountain

You enter a huge mountain cavern and see caves branching off elsewere. The cavern has strange coloring on its walls. You hear a loud "RRROOAARR!" Then a tan and gold wingless dragon charges at you.

The dragon uses one of its paws to pin you to the floor. "What are you doing here in Dracolinon Mountain? This is our home and you should not tresspass!" The dragon snarls at you and you can't keep from staring at his two huge front teeth. Then a girl with short brown hair with blond highlighs, fox ears, and a fox tail walks up to you. She is followed by a small canineish creature with tan/black/brown stripes/sploches on it's pelt.

"Scalant! let the visitor up!" The girl says in a strong voice. The dragon, Scalant walks to the fox girl and nuzzles her affectionitly. She looks at you and smiles. "Hello, my name is Brierfox and welcome to Dracolinon Mountain! Sorry about Scalant but he is realy very affentionate and loyal to us. He keeps people from stealing the other dragons." Brierfox motions to the small dogish animal. "And this is Niku, a male Vulpa. Vulpa's are small fox-like animals found on the planet Icarus. They are similer to intelligent dogs. I have two females as well, Bari and Safi. But they like to roam around; Niku usualy follows me just about everywhere I go, unless I ask him to deliver a message for me. My three Vuplas where adopted from Castle Descas. " Brierfox smiles at you. " Anyway feel free to visit any of the dragons or other creatures that make their homes here." She says "And watch out, some of them are over protective of their lairs! If you obey the rules then you can stay as long as you wish! If you don't then I will get Scalant to take care of you." Scalant snarls at you and you glance at his huge teeth. Brierfox lets out a sigh. Then you see two more foxish Vulpa's lounging on rock ledges, watching you.

Brierfox notices them and smiles. "The black with red stripes is Bari, and the tan/black striped is Safi. Bari can be mean, but Safi is friendly." With that she leaves you alone to find your own way around the Mountain caverns as Niku follows quietly and Sclant lies down but keeps a wachful eye on you. Bari eyes you, then takes off down one of the tunnels and dissappers. Safi just curls up and falls asleep. You think for a moment then select a direction:

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The Wolves

Awards won by Dracolinon inhabitants (Also each ones own awards are dispalyed on that their pages

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