Welcome to my new redesigned site which i created while i was bored in college. They have filters so they blocked out all the good stuff such as games, chat and porn. Come to think about it, the use of the internet in this college sucks, i mean, sure its fast, but what the use of it when you can't play games against your mates. Ah well. Can't blame me for creating a shitty site, if you hate it that much, then go on some porn!!!
Unless your in my college in which case you can't.

Well to tell you a bit about myself. Im a guy, nuff said.
Marcus, my associate, is also a guy but sometimes im not really sure (*whipers* he has man boobs...). I look down on him, well not literally because he's taller then me, and wider. Alot wider. (Is that how you spell wider?)
Howard is a mate of mine but i think he's dead. Drug and alcohol abuse did him in.
Jonathan...well theres not much to say about him, he doesn't get out much. He stays in all day to play games, which, he really sucks at.
Then there's Erik, one of the funniest man alive, so funny he shouldn't play HALO cause he's just eeirily good at that. (Yes, that does say eeirily)
Max, who is a GREAT guy, but mostly drunk. Can't say much funny about him. 'Cept he's ginger.
My words go out to Freddy!!! He's a really cool skinny guy. Has a knack for breaking vodka bottles...While theres still vodka in it. Do not trust this man with your alcohol people.
I did and he broke my heart. It was unopened!!!! For those of you whose been sober becuase freddy broke you bottle...my heartfelt condolences. Its like losing a limb.
Ben...Aww ben. Nuff said.
Hmmm. If I haven't wrote about you, consider yourself lucky that you have no weird perks, if you want to become famous and have you name on my site, you must travel far across the land of death and retrieve a carton of milk. Or look at ben. Or sign my guestbook. Either way, i don't really mind. God i'm lazy. Ughh.
Anyways, enter if you wish. I don't really mind, although there is alot of good stuff on the next