Typos!, typos and more typos! <BGSOUND src="//www.oocities.org/red_wizard_archmage/cantina.mid" LOOP=INFINITE>
<---------------Typo Demons handed out since 6/15/2005
The typo Demon pet shop!
Looking for a cute little friend, perhaps a adorable lil demon/demoness to bring home to cheerish and care for thyself,or are you here to cause havoc on your friends and loved ones..LOOK NO FURTHER!!, at last..the long awaited TYPO DEMON PET SHOPPE has arrived(picture to left done by littlershinju)where you can come and raise all sorts of chaos among your litterate and proper-spelling friends..They say they are perfect, and always make fun of your typos..simply give them one of these lil fiends and their CORRECT SPELLING DAYS ARE NUMBERED! We at the pet shoppe offer all manners of mispelling fiends that will have your friends and loved one making typos for hours on end! We are the largest and fastest growing collection of typos on the net, constantly expanding from all of those lil demons making people mispell their words on yahoo, msn, aol, ICQ and all other forms of internet-baised chatting
SPECIAL NOTE FROM OWNERS: this shoppe is complettly fake and neither sells, buys or distrubited shugi-ano's typo virus On anothr Note, reports from an annomious scorce tell us that YAHELL is on the loose gobbling up all our poor lil demons and rpers alike(click box below for more news on it)