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created on 18 December 2003, updated 20 December 2007


Hm, once upon a time I had grand plans for this website. But I realised that it's not something I actually want to spend time on. This also explains the rather simplistic formating of this page. Anyway, now this website just consists of an online diary (not really a blog despite the name) on a branch of creative writing called fanfiction, and some fanfics I wrote myself. I rec fics on my livejournal sometimes.


" '[Chuang Tzu] had a disciple who spent seven years studying universal energy and then demonstrated his wisdom by walking across the surface of a river and back again, and Chuang Tzu broke into tears.  'Oh, my boy!' he sobbed.  'My poor, poor boy!  You spent seven of your years learning to do that, and all the while old Meng has been running a ferry not two miles from here, and he only charges two copper coins.' " (The Story of the Stone, Barry Hughart)

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