Just as many have BlackLists -- even this Mun doesn't much like having one, but I do see its necessity -- few have one of these. A "Bright List" as I like to call it. Since the BlackList is where all the idjits and baddies go, the BrightList is where all the good people go. Despite what many say, Roleplay can be a kind of art form, even a learning tool. Well, Roleplay has taught me many a thing -- especially that there are indeed good people and great players out there to create absolutely incredible stories with.
     So here's mine. Just like the other, this one will likely be constantly under updates, so keep an eye out.
Deaths Malison - Bang-up player with a brain that out-brains mine half the time. Imaginative, fun, and as a Mundane, a great friend. Yes, I mean that, Malison.

Dream of Iife - Great player, especially for the modern era. Dream plays a blind character inthe modern era -- and does it well. Very well. Kudos!

WarriorsofPurity - A second mun with a blind creation. He bases it all on historical evidence to boot. A most talented player!

XZonkerX - He's the kind of player that adds twists so twisted to stories, you stay on the edge of your seat. Absolutely incredible.

ElfinW0LF - She's another player that I can't put words to. Wonderful player, awesome creations and a big sister to me.

W Queen Rayna W - Patient beyond belief...I've known her for about two years now and I'm quite proud and privileged to call her "friend". She has a unique creation herself and isn't heavy-handed with the power she wields.

Elfin Runes - Brains. Just like all others on here, Elfin Runes has brains. And it shows without coming off as snobbish or snooty. Smart cookie and a helluva player.

Annoying Imp - Funny, crazy and zany as his screen name, Gekko has a lot going. Even with a lot on his plate, he still earns my respect.

Black Keltar - He's not online much....a shame, for he is missed. But an awesome player nonetheless!

Moira CaIIahan - Same goes with her as said with Keltar.

DevonNWinters - A blind Mun, like me, she adapts and does an awesome job of play. Smart cookie too, this one!

Veiled Whisperer - She doesn't play a completely blind creation -- she gives it a twist. She actually plays a visually impaired creation. For a second, I thought she was going from experience! Applause.

Elee Nim - Another with a blind creation. And yes, another that does so accurately without the Daredevil nonsense. Great mind too, this one.
This list, I'm sure, will grow, if slowly. I hope it will, anyway. ::chuckles::
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