TINTA - magsulat, magmulat

Welcome to TINTA, my very first official website.

I have long wanted to put up my own site, so thanks to my J117 class and our teacher, Prof. Danilo Arao, I am now on my first baby step to becoming a web (sapot) author.

I plan to post articles on relevant events happening at CMC and the university, and hopefully, some issues on the national level as well. However, I also believe that What happens in UP is a reflection and a consequence
of national policies (imperialist, bureaucratic capitalist and feudalist ones, if I may say) and situation.

I hope you enjoy my site and learn from my humble writings. The goals I have might sound rather messaic - but no, I just strive to do my craft and serve in the process.

Magsulat, magmulat.


Just inked... (Site updates):

Of Hand Coding and Democracy
An opinion article on hand coding and one semester's worth of lessons, principles and values learned in J117

Resource Links on Malu Fernandez and the People Asia article which made her infamous

When the common tao speaks: Erap's conviction won't bring food to our table(news feaure)

Red - the color of blood and of encompassing change

Butterfly - stingy, swift, learned and ready


...come see me fly

"Workers of the world, unite - you have nothing to lose but your chains." -Karl Marx

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