The Houri/Gigolo character class was introduced into the original D&D game, and has been extensively updated here to better fit into AD&D 2nd Edition rules. Additional options are introduced, and some of the Houri/Gigolo's abilities are simplified and clarified.


Ability Requirements: Charisma 15,
Intelligence 9,
Wisdom 9
Prime Requisites: Charisma
Races Allowed: Human,
Sex: Female - Houri,
Male - Gigolo

The prime requisite of a Houri/Gigolo is Charisma with physical beauty being a pre-requisite for the class. A Houri/Gigolo who has a Charisma of 16 or more gains a 10% bonus to experience points earned.

A Houri/Gigolo can never be Lawful.

For the purposes of character creation the Houri/Gigolo is viewed as a wizard. Use the standard wizard tables when determining hit dice, weapon and non-weapon proficiencies, saving throws, race level restrictions and experience levels. A Houri/Gigolo is subject to all the restrictions on use of armour that apply to the wizard character class, in particular the prohibition of wearing armour when spell casting. A Houri/Gigolo may use any weapon that a wizard may, with the exception of a staff. Notable weapons used by Houri's and Gigolo's are hat-pins and stilettos (see the Complete Fighter's Handbook for stilettos. A hat-pin is assumed to be an equivalent weapon). DMs note that these two weapons fall into the general category of weapons usable by wizards, requiring little skill, little strength or both.

This is where the similarity with wizards ends - the Houri/Gigolo does not possess a spell book. Although they use magic familiar to wizards, they have no need of spell components (except in a few very special circumstances such as the love spell), nor to memorise magical writings to invoke their power. The source of their magic is in their direct connection to the basic drives of all creatures...


The Houri/Gigolo is a master of stealth and discretion within civilised/constructed surroundings (city streets, houses, musty crypts, dungeons, etc.) and is able to Hide in Shadows and Move Silently in the same way as a Ranger of equal level in natural surroundings, modified with regard to race, dexterity and armour worn as given in the Players Handbook. When naked, scantily or partially clothed a Houri/Gigolo (only) gains an additional +10% to Move Silently and +5 % to Hide in Shadows. If attempting these actions in natural surroundings (woods, hills, plains, etc.) a Houri/Gigolo's chance of success is halved.

A Houri/Gigolo is able to back-stab as a thief of equal level.

The Houri/Gigolo is able to attempt to seduce a single individual once per day. This roll is done in secret by the DM and is made on a Charisma check of the Houri/Gigolo. Should the seduction fail then a further seduction may not be attempted on that individual until the Houri/Gigolo has gained one level of experience. A successful seduction means that the individual is unable to act against the Houri/Gigolo unless given good cause, e.g. they are attacked by the Houri/Gigolo. The character seduced by the Houri/Gigolo is unaware of the seduction - only that they care for the Houri/Gigolo and will not willing act against them. Seduction is most definitely not possible in combat nor is it an offensive tool for use by the Houri/Gigolo. Seduction is the most complex of the Houri/Gigolo's abilities and there are both pros and cons to it's use. A celibate paladin would ignore the seduction, putting it down to brotherly or sisterly love, but still be unable to act against the Houri/Gigolo. Other PC's, although unable to act against the Houri/Gigolo, do still have their wits about them and are not compelled to do as requested by the Houri/Gigolo, although will be favourably disposed towards any requests or advances. A seduced ogre will most likely be a considerable pain for the Houri/Gigolo to deal with...

Spells and Magic

A Houri/Gigolo can use a specialised set of spells, which are detailed in Houri/Gigolo magic spells. Spell progression and chance of spell failure are as per a priest of equal level, with spell level bonuses for high Charisma. Note DMs treat Charisma as Wisdom for determining Houri/Gigolo spells, e.g. only a Houri/Gigolo with Charisma 17 can cast 6th level spells and gains two 1st, two 2nd and one 3rd level extra spells for high Charisma.

A Houri/Gigolo may use any items of magical jewellery and 'accessories' normally usable by wizards, (rings, amulets, scarabs, gloves, hats, shoes, etc.) plus similar items usable by all classes. However they may not use wands, staves or rods of any sort, and are not allowed to use other wizard items except those objects concerned with charming or illusion.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies

If the optional non-weapon proficiencies are not used, the Houri/Gigolo still has the following skills - singing, dancing, musical instrument and an artistic ability of choice. If the non-weapon proficiency rules are used in your campaign, the Houri/Gigolo has the above skills without expending any skill slots and may choose additional skills from the Wizard and General lists. DMs note that for this particular character class it is recommended that the optional rule allowing extra non-weapon proficiency slots for high Intelligence is used to allow the Houri/Gigolo to fully realise their character.

Dual Class Houris & Gigolos

There is only one restriction added to the standard rules governing the move from one class to another, and that is it is impossible to choose to become a Houri or Gigolo from a previous character class. A Houri or Gigolo may chose to become something else but because of their unique nature this class is not open to the standard character class types. However, unlike other dual class characters, a Houri or Gigolo cannot cease to be what they are. Once their new class allows them to use their old Houri/Gigolo powers without restriction, i.e. they are one level higher in their new class, they tend to improve in their original Houri/Gigolo character class at a rate equal to one quarter the rate of progress of their new class, e.g. a 5th level thief who was originally a 2nd level Houri/Gigolo would become a 3rd level Houri/Gigolo on reaching 6th level thief, (and 4th level Houri/Gigolo on Reaching 10th level thief, etc.). DMs note that the most important rule governing the dual class character is the restriction on wearing armour when spell casting.

Multi-Class Houris & Gigolos

Standard restrictions on multi-class characters apply. The following multi-class character types are open to elf or half-Elf Houris and Gigolos.

Houri or Gigolo/Fighter
Houri or Gigolo/Thief
Houri or Gigolo/Mage
Houri or Gigolo/Fighter/Thief
Houri or Gigolo/Thief/Mage
*Click here for full details of the Dryan (Male Half-Dryad) class

Houri or Gigolo/Fighter
Houri or Gigolo/Thief
Houri or Gigolo/Mage
Houri or Gigolo/Cleric (or Druid)
Houri or Gigolo/Fighter/Thief
Houri or Gigolo/Thief/Mage
Houri or Gigolo/Fighter/Cleric (or Druid)
Houri or Gigolo/Cleric (or Druid)/Mage
*Click here for full details of the Dryan (Male Half-Dryad) class

DMs note that the restriction on elves wearing armour when spell casting is as per the wizard character class.

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