Beadwork By Red Moon

Beadwork by Red Moon

A Small Showcase

This Is A Photo of A Cheyenne-Style Dress That I Made.
I love to make authentic pieces of Native American Style Beadwork. Since the early 70's I have made and signed many pieces of beadwork with my insignia. You may have one in your collection!

My inspiration is:
Beadwork, Native American Art, History.

Here are some photos of a few of my favorite pieces!

(Click on titles below)
Crow Style Man's Warshirt
Northern Plains Rosette
Butterfly Rosette
Crow Style Cradleboard (now finished)
Crow Style Blanket Strip
Sioux Style Shirt Strips
Otter Mide Bag
Plains Style Shirt Strips
Sioux Style Pipebag
Cheyenne Style Belt Bags
Sioux Style Knife Sheath
Women's Sioux Style Moccasins
Men's Sioux Style Moccasins
Northern Plains Style Strips
Crow Style Belt Bag
Sacred Thistle Belt Bag
Cheyenne Style Costumed Doll

Here is a link to see my Plains Shirt Strips on a warshirt


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